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Tutear (anyone wanna make some lujvo???)

JLL: norsi'arta'a      x1 tutea a x2 in language x3

(incidentally should that be narsi'arta'a?)

CF: I agree it's a hard one.  But it's really not 'sinma', is
CF: it? It's more like 'nobli' or 'cumla'

I'd disagree; the division between tu/Usted is more one of informality
versus formality than status.  A status division would imply that two people
would never use "Usted" to each other which is untrue (business contacts
are likely to greet each other as Usted for instance if they're not well

{sinma} as "respect" is better than {nobli} or {cumla} I think, but how
about something based on {na ritla tavla} (I don't know lujvo rules well
enough to come up with the correct short form).  Or is there some better
bridi than {ritla} for formality?  (I'm not happy with its primary meaning
of "ritual" which isn't really the same thing as "formal").