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Readable typesetting

Just to encourage the rest of you :-)

Nick wrote his Lujvo paper so it is trivial to reformat it for
typesetting.  This is a real plus.

I just converted the first three parts (all that have arrived so
far) to Texinfo.  This means I can print it so it looks real
nice in a 7 by 9 inch book format.  (Could also do other
formats).  It much easier to read hardcopy that is nicely
typeset.  Also, of course, the same source formats for on-line
hypertext.  Convenient.

Three cheers for Nick.  (Also, the content looks interesting....)

Incidently, I printed Cowan's papers from the archive in ASCII,
but refilled the lines to 64 characters.  (This message is
refilled to 64 character wide lines, to show what I mean.)

Because of the large interline spacing, I can read longer lines
on my screen and this message looks narrow.  However, I find
that my small font, closely spaced ASCII hardcopy is hard to
read unless the lines are shorter (thus replicating a centuries
old rule of thumb among old fashioned printers).

    Robert J. Chassell               bob@gnu.ai.mit.edu
    Rattlesnake Mountain Road        bob@grackle.stockbridge.ma.us
    Stockbridge, MA 01262-0693 USA   (413) 298-4725