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lojbab says:
> I would say, for example, that ze'eco'i is a good tense for the Big Bang
> - the initiation of the all-time interval.

I guess you meant ze'eco'a, but I'm confused anyway. Is there any
difference between "ze'eco'a" and "co'aze'e"? Wouldn't "ze'eco'a" mean that
the event is begining during the all-time interval? I would have said "co'a
ze'e" for the Big Bang, as in "le co'a ze'e munje".

And ze'eco'i would consider all-time as a point, or rather, the event as a
point taking place in all-time? so maybe could serve for things like
"ze'eco'i jevni" or something like that. Again, what's the difference
with "co'i ze'e"?

> I guess ve'eco'i = ve'eco'u are the bounds of the universe.

I don't remember whether the restaurant was also at the end of space,
but it certainly was at the end of time. Don't you need a fe'e to convert
the ZAhOs to space use, or is the presence of a space tense enough?