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Re: klani places (Was: Cupfuls)

Thus John Cowan:
 I agree with the complaint, but not the resolution.  Colin's point makes
me think that it is "klani" that has the problem: that we should make
"le klani" that which is measured/counted, and "le se klani" the quantifier.
The resulting proposed place structure is:

        x1 is quantified/measured/enumerated by x2 on scale x3 (si'o)


I think I agree. There are a number of gismu which are unlikely to be
used in isolation, and have pe'i place structures because brivla have
to have place structures, but they're pretty meaningless: examples
are the multiples and submultiples (milti, gotro etc) and mabla, zabna.

klani is borderline. I think most of its uses are likely to be in combination
(kabrylai) and the like. On the other hand it is going to get occasional
use on its own.  I think that for that occasional use, the current order
would be preferable. However, I think that consistency with the
other measure words is a stronger argument, and so support this