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Re: TECH: Bytes and bits

To Rob Brady respond I thus:

#I still think
#cnedatni  = cenba datni  = varying data  = variable
#and nacnedatni would be constant.

nalcnedatni, or just stodatni

The definition of 'sorcu' seems to imply physical objects being stashed away,
so I've taken the liberty of substituting it throughout with vreji; I do
think the usage of 'storing', as opposed to 'recording', is a metaphoric
usage which doesn't translate too well. As this is likely to become
controversial, I'm not altering the previous mentions of 'sorcu' in
computer terminology in the jvoste (all of which deal with primary memory),
unless I see a clearer consensus.

#maksro = maksi sorcu = magnetic storage

A vreji, and for that matter a sorcu, is far likelier to be a file than
a tape or disk; they are information. A tape/disk is a tervei/tersro (3rd
place of vreji/sorcu), so I'll call this a maktervei.

#cukmaksro = cukla maksi sorcu = disc magnetic storage = disk/diskette.

cukmaktervei. Good.

#I can't figure out 'magnetic tape' with my limited vocabulary, but
#it is essentially a spool of magnetic storage.

dasri is your word: srimaktervei

#gu'isro = gusni sorcu = light storage = laser storage (perhaps lingu'i for
#laser (beam)?)

The term 'optical storage' is used, so yeah, gustervei should be fine. lijgu'i
would just be a light beam in general; we'd need another word for laser

#cukgu'isro = cukla gusni sorcu = disc light storage = compact disk, as
#opposed to what it would intuitively mean in glico, laser disk, since those
#are fading from use (and could probably just have the word video prepended
#to them (vidni)).

Actually, it'd be both. To specify a CD as distinct from a laser disk, you'd
also need a qualifier: sance or skami

#samru'e = skami pruce = computer process = program. My other thought on this
#is that perhaps it should be
#sampla = skami platu = computer plan... The first states that it is something
#which does processing, which is true, while the second states that it is
#a plan waiting to be implemented. Perhaps then, samru'e is the program
#in executable  format, or as currently being executed (the latter being the
#current english usage of  'process'), while sampla could refer to the source
#code, or a currently non-executing program (and hence programs when they
#are referred to by naskama prenu is the canonical :) manner).

An excellent distinction, which exemplifies Lojban's approach to word-building.
The place structure of platu has now changed to x1 plans plan x2 for purpose
x3, so a sampla would be a programmer, and a samselpla source code.

#lojtre = logji tadji = logic method = algorithm. This would also apply
#nicely to mathematics.
#I wonder what a samtre would be?

I give up: what would a samtadji be? :) (Implementation, right?)

#I think ciste would do fine or OS in standard  usage, while ciste be le  sorcu
#would work for the few times would have  to seperate out the individual
#module of the "disk" operating system.

I find ciste a bit too vague, and would translate it as sazyci'e, or even

#Programmers often use "tree's" of data that can be visualized as looking
#something like a tree with many branches ->

#Could this be stated as a 'tricu stura be datni' or is there a more appropriate
#word not associated with leafy,barky things that  I missed?

The use of 'tree' is so pervasive that I hardly think it worthwhile to
change it, but possibly jimca (branch) admits the metaphoric usage more
readily. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

#Binary would be ''re ju'u', right? So how do  we then get a binary tree (which
#is a tree like the one above which only has 1 or 2 possible branches for
#each node (or selci I suppose)).

ju'u re would only have meaning as 'base two'; a binary tree has little to
do with binary numbers, and I'd term it {relseljimca) (= se jimca lo remei)
(two-branched). How you'd extend the two-branchedness from the root to a
property of the entire tree is something I can't work out right now.

#sezpli = sevzi pilno = self using = recursive (referencing a function within

I kept thinking you'd need the word 'define' in an expression for recursion,
but this is actually a rather nice way of putting it.

#I don't know about array, which also seems  like a liste to me.

Or maybe a MEX word for vector.

#Of course everyone knows that as soon as I master enough lojban I am
#going to subject you all to 'Introductory Data Structures and Algorithms
#(using Pascal) CS101'

Pascal. *selrignyvamtu*

#jikbebna = jikca bebna = social fool = geek

#.i mi skami jikbebna

Oh, I wouldn't say that. (Then again, I don't know you :)

Excellent work, Rob! Thanks for getting the terms down; were it up to me,
it'd never happen...

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