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Re: Cupfuls (Was: Some how do you say it's)

I agree with Colin that capfuls, and all other measurement words, should
have place structures consistent with the gismu measurement words.  The
x1 is the thing that is being measured, and the x2 (and possibly x3 if subunits)
should be the number of units with a default of 1 (subunits default of 0
of course).  There is one measurement unit, can't remember which one,
that has one extra place.

The benefit of this type of place structure is that it supports two waysthings
 are typically measured:

ci kabrylai is three things measuring 1 cup
[pa] kabrylai li ci is one thing measureing 3 cups.

The former, it turns out was used tonight in Lojban conversation here,
as Albion Zeglin was talking about baking lo titnanba.