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Re: Jorge's text (Was: On the tense system of ZAhO)

 Lojbab asks:
Are you perhaps confusing .uunai with .u'unai?
.uunai would be to'e kecti the opposite of pity, which I see as a certian

sense of "cruelty"
.u'unai with be the opposite of regret which is defined in the list as
innocence, with lack of regret being in the middle.

Perhaps so. I think I have had difficulty keeping 'uu' and 'u'u'
apart (perhaps under the inlfuence of loglan uu) and I had
certainly forgotten the keyword 'pity' - I thought more of 'sorrow'.

But as for negated UI - the keywords in the list are useful
for reminding you what the spectrum is of the particular
UI, but sometimes they are not adequate translations.
What I'm saying is that , as with everything else, it is a mistake
to pick up a string of cmavo that is glossed as 'cruelty' and
use it without thinking about its derivation.