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Re: TECH: Instrumental vocabulary

> Date:          Tue, 3 Aug 1993 01:52:41 +1000
> From:          Nick Nicholas <nsn%MULLIAN.EE.MU.OZ.AU@FINHUTC.hut.fi>
> Subject:       TECH: Instrumental vocabulary

> I haven't begun writing up my Shostakovitch piece, but preparatory to it, I
> did draw up a list of instrument le'avla; I'm filling it in now with the help
> of my trusty Orchestration book, and presenting it for your edification, and
> because I didn't feel like getting any sleep :)

  Quite nice of you to tackle the whole orchestra single-handed :-)
  Generally I was delighted with your list.

  Some additions and alternatives:

  musical instrument: zgica'a

>Orchestral Strings: bende sa'erjgita

>tip/point of bow: tersa'e jipno
>scroll: jgita ke sarlu fanmo

    jgita sarlyja'i    this brings out the purely ornamental nature
                       of the scroll

>wooden part of the bow: tersa'e mudri

    tersa'e krogarna    a descriptive alternative
    tersa'e tratygarna  a more functional alternative

>bow hair: tersa'e kerfa

    tersa'e tratykre    a descriptive alternative


    string: terto'asko

>mute: smabra

   ?? smajibra = smaji barda ??

   mute: kadyto'a       muting doesn't produce a mere change
                          of volume but changes the tonal
                          quality by suppressing the overtones

>Brasses: tabra

  various 'con sordino': kadyto'a / gafto'a    the second alternative
                        takes into account the many kinds of sordini
                        used e.g. with trumpets

> Percussion: damri
> snare drum: cmalu damrntamburo

     slisko damrntamburo       the snare is more fundamental than
                               the size

>piano: pipnrpiano
>key: batke


     key: terpe'u          (from Finnish, makes possible to differentiate
                            e.g. accordions with a piano keyboard from
                            the variants with buttons [batke terpe'u])

     keyboard: terpe'ufoi  (covers also various types of computer
                            keyboards: buttons, pressure sensitive
                            foils etc.)

     keyboard instrument,
     (clavier)            : terpe'ufoi zgica'a

>organ: pipnrxorgano

   stop:       to'arkaigri
   stop knob:  to'arkaigri batke

    co'o mi'e veion

 Veijo Vilva       vilva@viikki21.helsinki.fi