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Re: TECH: query re. selcmavo NU

I would think that the bena example is less true tahn the prenu example.
"YOU" may indeed be an "event of being a person", but if YOU are an event
then we are talking about YOU as a thing having a beginning a middle and an
end, since I hope you are not going to claim to be a point event.  The event
YOU started with your birth or conception or soemthing like that, depending
on your philosophy, and will end with your death, unless you invoke an
afterlife.  This perspective of seeing YOU as an event doesn't seem to
work too well with you being a fool but acquiring sagacity in your old
age, because at least part of the event of YOU will therefore NOT be an event
of being a fool.  Since Lojban events are treated as wholes unless subdivided
using ZAhOs, #+ROI, or other tense modifiers that specifically select a protion
of the event, this seems self-contradictory.

Note that if you consider YOU as an event, that:

mi klama le zarci pu do
I go to the store before YOU

works - it effectively says that I go to the store before the event of you
occurs, i.e. before you were born.  This is not, of course, the normal
interpreattion of the English, which must be expressed in Lojban something

mi pe pu do [cu] klama le zarci
Oops that should be "ne" instead of "pe"
I, before you do, go to the store.