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Re: TECH: query re. selcmavo NU

You can say something to disambiguate the ka from the nu, but not what you
said, which is grammatical but - well - weird %^)

mi nu prenu
mi nu [zo'e prenu]

I am an event of something being a person
(I hope you are a person and not an event - but maybe you are ... Hmmm.)

vs. the corresponding
I am a property of something being a person
( I am SURE that you are not a property, even if you ARE an event %^)

You want

nu mi klama
ka mi klama

which are predicates in observative form, a form suggested whenever the English
is "there is", which might in Lojban be formally rendered as

ba zo'u ba [... broda ...]
There exists some x such that x is a broda