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Re: TECH: query re. selcmavo NU

la .and. cusku di'e

> If I say:
>     lenu mi prenu
> I am referring to the event of my being a person, and if I say
>     leka mi prenu
> I am referring to my personhood. So, if I say
>    mi prenu
> this is presumably ambiguous as to whether I am referring to
> the event of my being a person or to my personhood.

Actually, "mi prenu" does not >refer< to anything except you yourself.
It >asserts< or >claims< that you are a person, but in no way >refers<
to any person-event or person-quality.

> So, can I say, in order to disambiguate, something like:
>    mi nu prenu  "there exists the event of my being a person"

This means "I am an event of (someone's) being a person."

>    mi ka prenu  "there exists my personhood"

And this means "I am a quality of (someone's) being a person."

Presumably both these statements are false, since you are neither an event
nor a quality.

To express what you want, say:

        da nu/ka mi prenu
        There-exists-X-such-that-X is-an-event/quality-of (me being-a-person)