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Re: TECH: SE rafsi omitted in lujvo (was Re: dikyjvo, too,

The Seraphim surely rejoiced when Mr Andrew Rosta spoke thus:
#Nick says:
#> Thus le'avla must have the same place structure as
#> selyle'avla, if they are indeed the same word, rather than le'avla meaning
#> something else, eg. the word you say in order to borrow a cup of sugar.
#But "se lehavla" and "se selylehavla" mean the same, right? And if one
#wanted to lujvoize these, the lujvo would have to be "selselylehavla"?
#(Tho I prefer fukpi zei valsi anyway.)

Nice! Strictly speaking yes, though there is an escape hatch: a se le'avla
(which is a se valsi, the le'avla meaning) is a selkemle'avla, and a se
selyle'avla a selkemselyle'avla/selselyle'avla. This is fortunate, because
the user may not realise (or agree) that le'avla is 'really' "short" for

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