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Re: TECH: SE rafsi omitted in lujvo (was Re: dikyjvo, too,

The Seraphim surely rejoiced when Logical Language Group spoke thus:

#After thinking about it, I am inclined to agree with you - with one provision:
#xekskapi can be a perfectly good word, but it has the places implied by the
#final term, which are backwards to the English.  X is the black skin of Y
#or X is the skin of black (person?) Y.  This should be allowed as an
#and may be preferred in some cases, since you end up with the same places
#(I think) just in a non-standard order. [...]
#se xekskapi might be preferable to xekselskapi
#especially if there is frequent occassion to fill in both places instead of
#1, if the final term is one that already tends to be "fa"d like cumki, or
#maybe iun general when the word is used more in a main selbri than in a

You're quite right, with one proviso: places tend to be elided out as
irrelevant in lujvo (well, I tend to, anyway), and this is much easier to
do in a xekselskapi form than a se xekskapi form, since the place in particular
I want to elide out as irrelevant is le skapi! But then, that is not "frequent
occasion to fill in both places instead of one", so we are not in essential

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