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Re: Integers

More comments
>Comments on some of the comments:
> > >milna'u         mulno namcu     integer (whole-number)
> >
> > copies the common metaphor.  But the significance of that metaphor
> > is lost to most people - it is I think the contrast with fractional
> > hence perhaps no'e frinu namcu (they aren't really non-fractional
> > since they can be expressed fractionally) or na'e pagbu namcu
> Please, not {no'e frinu}. That can be nothing but irrational, i.e.
>non-rational, not a fraction.
> And how is {na'e pagbu} clearer than {mulno} ?

As far as most ordinary people are concerned, integers are much the same as
counting numbers. I realise this has problems with zero and the negatives,
but a metaphor including counting would probably be pretty clear.

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