Nutritional Facts

    In a universe as health-conscious as ours, one has to be careful about what he or she puts into his or her body.  If you're watching your weight, cholesterol, salt, or pseudo-meat intake, Monolith is just the place for you.  Below is the nutritional value guide to our entire menu.  By providing the following information, Monolith Burger, Inc., absolves all responsibility for deaths incurred by the ingestion of our products.

    All Monolith Burger sandwiches are made with a mix of Antarian Three-Humped Camel meat and a number of natural (and unnatural) preservatives.  This substance has only 94% of the fat of real beef (and approximately 14% of the taste).  Polycheeze is a registered trademark of NucleoTherm Institute and is of an unknown composition.  It is not recommended that one ingest the prize included in the Monolith Fun Meal; it has only slightly more nutritional value than the meal itself.


    So, enjoy your meal at Monolith Burger.  If you have further questions, the franchine manager should be able to help you out!

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*Nutrition available only at participating locations.