Mutant Family Virus

 Virus Name:  Mutant Family 
 Aliases:     Mutant 123, Mutant 127, Mutant 128, Tiny Mutant, Tiny-123, 
 V Status:    Rare 
 Discovered:  May, 1991 
 Symptoms:    .COM file growth; .COM file corruption; disk boot failure; 
              file date/time change; system hangs 
 Origin:      Bulgaria 
 Eff Length:  123 - 128 Bytes 
 Type Code:   PONCK - Parasitic & Overwriting Non-Resident .COM Infector 
 Detection Method:  ViruScan, AVTK, F-Prot, Sweep, NAV, 
                    IBMAV, NAVDX, VAlert, PCScan, ChAV, 
                    NShld, LProt, Sweep/N, Innoc, NProt, AVTK/N, 
                    NAV/N, IBMAV/N 
 Removal Instructions:  Delete infected files 
 General Comments: 
       The Mutant Family was submitted in May, 1991, from Bulgaria.  The 
       Mutant Family consists of three viruses which behave as both a 
       parasitic file infector and an overwriting file infector.  Mutant 
       Family members infect .COM programs, including COMMAND.COM. 
       When a program infected by a member of the Mutant Family is 
       executed, the virus will search the current directory and infect 
       all the .COM files found.  Infected programs may either be infected 
       by the virus as a parasitic infection, the file length increasing 
       depending on which variant is present, or the program may be infected 
       by overwriting the beginning of the .COM program.  Programs which 
       have an overwriting type of infection are permanently corrupted. 
       Programs which have a parasitic infection will have a file length 
       increase of 123 to 128 bytes, depending on which member of the 
       Mutant Family is present.  In any case, the program's date and 
       time in the disk directory will have been updated to the system 
       date and time of infection. 
       Programs infected with a member of the Mutant Family will contain 
       two text strings: 
       Booting from a diskette which has a Mutant Family member infected 
       COMMAND.COM will result in a boot failure.  Attempts to execute 
       programs with Mutant Family infections may result in a system 
       Known member(s) of Mutant Family are: 
       Mutant 123: Originally submitted as V123, this member of the 
                   Mutant Family is 123 bytes in length.  Generally, 
                   programs infected with Mutant 123 will not function 
                   properly, even if the infected file has a parasitic 
       Mutant 127: Originally submitted as V127, this member of the 
                   Mutant Family is one byte shorter than Mutant 128.  It 
                   behaves as indicated above. 
       Mutant 128: The original Mutant virus submission, its length is 
                   128 bytes.  It behaves as indicated above. 

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