Generic Virus

 Virus Name:  Generic 
 V Status:    N/A 
 Discovery:   N/A 
 Symptoms:    N/A 
 Origin:      N/A 
 Eff Length:  N/A 
 Type Code:   G - Generic 
 Detection Method:  [Not in Certification Set] 
 Removal Instructions:  Delete infected files 
 General Comments: 
       The Generic virus is not actually a specific virus, but a general 
       category or group of viruses which can be genericly detected by 
       anti-viral software using scanner technology.  It was first 
       implemented by McAfee Associates in their ViruScan program with 
       version 89. 
       The viruses detected by the Generic virus detection mechanism in 
       ViruScan are generally based on the Vienna virus, though not all 
       of them are related to Vienna.  These viruses may infect .COM 
       files, .EXE files, or both .COM and .EXE files.  They may also 
       be malicious.  While most of the viruses are non-resident, some of 
       them are memory resident file infectors.  Viruses which may be 
       detected as the Generic virus by ViruScan include: 
          646                    923                 Beast-N-Black 
          Father Christmas       Ghostballs          Grither 
          Infinity               Iraqui Warrior      Lisbon 
          MSTU                   NTKC                Padded 
          Polish 217             Polish 583          R-10       
          Socha                  Sov                 Traveller   
          USSR 311               USSR 711            VHP 
          VHP2                   Vienna              Violator     
          Violator B4            Viperize 
       New viruses may also be detected by this mechanism which are not 
       documented in VSUM.  If you detect a Generic virus, and it does 
       not match one of the above viruses, please submit a sample to the 
       author of VSUM for analysis and inclusion in VSUM. 

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