Christmas Tree Virus

 Virus Name:  Christmas Tree 
 Aliases:     Tannenbaum, XA1, 1539 
 V Status:    Endangered 
 Discovery:   March, 1990 
 Symptoms:    .COM file growth; display; master boot sector destruction 
 Origin:      Germany 
 Eff Length:  1,539 Bytes 
 Type Code:   PNCX - Parasitic Non-Resident .COM Infector 
 Detection Method:  ViruScan, NAV, AVTK, F-Prot, Sweep, ChAV, 
                    IBMAV, NAVDX, VAlert, PCScan, 
                    NShld, LProt, Sweep/N, Innoc, NProt, AVTK/N, 
                    NAV/N, IBMAV/N 
 Removal Instructions:  NAV, or delete infected files 
 General Comments: 
       The Christmas Tree, or XA1, virus was first isolated in March 1990 
       by Christoff Fischer of West Germany.  This virus is an encrypting 
       virus which will only infect .COM files. 
       On April 1st of any year, the Christmas Tree virus will activate, 
       destroying the master boot sector (partition table) of infected hard 
       disks the first time an infected program is executed.  During the 
       period from December 24th until January 1st of any year, when an 
       infected program is executed, the virus will display a full screen 
       picture of a christmas tree. 

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