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                     The Virus Information Summary List                      
                                in HyperText                                 
               Copyright (C) 1990-1997 by Patricia M. Hoffman.               
                              All Rights Reserved.                           
           The Virus Information Summary List, VSUM, represents the          
      cumulative knowledge produced by an ongoing research effort in         
      the detection, identification, and removal of MS-DOS viruses.          
      It will help you understand what a specific virus does, how it         
      activates, how it affects your system, and more important, how         
      to get rid of it!                                                      
           The information in VSUM is accurate on the day of release;        
      however, its accuracy degrades rapidly by an amount proportional       
      to the elapsed time since release.  Due to the extensive number        
      of researchers and because a virus will often end up with many         
      names, a VSUM release might have some short-lived flaws.  Also,        
      a new variant of a documented virus will not necessarily have          
      characteristics identical to those of the original virus sample        
      which was analyzed.                                                    
           Anti-viral products mentioned in HyperText VSUM are               
      shareware or commercial programs submitted by the vendor or            
      another party for VSUM Virus Scanning Product Certification,           
      a "no strings attached" evaluation.  Products received for             
      certification by the 10th of the month are guaranteed of               
      inclusion in the current month's release of HyperText VSUM.            
      Products received after the 10th of the month may be included          
      in the current month's release, but due to timing, may not             
      appear until the following month's release.  As of the June 1992       
      release of HyperText VSUM, only VSUM certified anti-viral              
      products have detection and/or removal information included.           
      Information on the VSUM Virus Scanning Product Certification           
      Program can be found in the Certifications sub-menu off of the         
      main menu.  This menu also includes selections for certification       
      results for each month's HyperText VSUM release, as well as            
      vendor contact information for those vendors whose products have       
      participated in the VSUM Virus Scanning Product Certification          
           All anti-viral product testing is conducted with the              
      most recent version of the software provided.  All testing is          
      performed against actual live viruses with the viruses non-            
      memory resident.  My observed results might differ from those          
      results obtained with a different set of viruses and variants.         
           Users of all versions of Central Point Anti-Virus (DOS,           
      Windows, and NLM), as well as Microsoft Anti-Virus from DOS 6.0,       
      should be aware that if they have updated their software with the      
      July 27 or July 29, 1993 string updates, these anti-viral              
      programs will false alarm on the VALIDATE.COM program included         
      with all versions of HyperText VSUM.  The VALIDATE.COM program         
      included with VSUM has been verified by both the NCSA and Fridrik      
      Skulason of Frisk Software as not being a virus or a trojan.  The      
      VALIDATE.COM program will, however, delete itself from your            
      system on June 6, 2000.  No other programs will be deleted by the      
      program and no system damage occurs.  VALIDATE.COM as distributed      
      with HyperText VSUM, is perfectly safe to use, assuming the            
      distribution archive has not been altered.                             
           Users of anti-viral products which contain "Heuristic"            
      scanning capabilities, such as Thunderbyte Anti-Virus (TBScan),        
      should be aware that these programs may indicate that VALIDATE         
      contains an unknown virus.  These false positives occur due to         
      the code contained in the program to self-delete itself from           
      your system on June 6, 2000.  Again, this program is not a virus       
      or a trojan, but contains this code as a security mechanism.  In       
      the state it is distributed in unaltered distribution files of         
      HyperText VSUM, it will not harm your system.                          
           A special thanks goes to the numerous individuals who have        
      offered their invaluable support, comments, and suggestions            
      which, after all, enhance the quality of VSUM!                         
      Patricia M. Hoffman             Telephone:  1-408-988-3773             
      3333 Bowers Ave Suite 130       Fax:        1-408-988-2438             
      Santa Clara, CA  95054          BBS:        1-408-244-0813 (HST)       
      USA                             Email:      VSUM@IJS.COM               

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