TodayBoo Virus

 Virus Name:  TodayBoo 
 Aliases:     Baboon, MA.Infector 
 V Status:    New 
 Discovery:   April, 1998 
 Symptoms:    Boot Sector & MBR altered; hard disk corruption; 
              decrease in total system & available free memory 
 Origin:      Unknown 
 Eff Length:  N/A 
 Type Code:  BRhX - Resident Boot Sector & MBR Infector 
 Detection Method:  ViruScan, NAVDX, NAV 
 Removal Instructions:  ViruScan 
 General Comments: 
       The TodayBoo virus was received in April, 1998.  Its origin or 
       point of isolation is unknown.  TodayBoo is a memory resident 
       infector of the system hard disk master boot record (MBR) and 
       diskette boot sectors.  It is a destructive virus. 
       When a computer is booted from a TodayBoo infected diskette, the 
       TodayBoo virus will infect the system hard disk master boot 
       record, as well as system memory.  This will occur regardless of 
       whether the diskette is bootable.  Each subsequent boot of the 
       system from the hard disk will then result in the virus also 
       becoming resident in memory.  Any non-write protected diskette 
       accessed on the system will become infected by the virus when 
       it is accessed with the virus resident. 
       When the TodayBoo virus is memory resident, total system and 
       available free memory, as indicated by the DOS CHKDSK program 
       from DOS 5.0, will have decreased by 1,024 bytes. 
       The TodayBoo virus is a destructive virus, activating when the 
       system is booted from an infected diskette or infected hard 
       drive on September 11th.  At this time, the virus will erase 
       the master boot record on the system hard disk, as well as the 
       first nine sectors on Head 1. 

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