StinkFoot Virus

 Virus Name:  StinkFoot  
 Aliases:     Stink 
 V Status:    Rare 
 Discovered:  November, 1991 
 Symptoms:    .COM file growth; system crashes on 8086/8088 based machines 
 Origin:      Republic of South Africa 
 Eff Length:  1,254 Bytes 
 Type Code:   PNC - Parasitic Non-Resident .COM Infector 
 Detection Method:  ViruScan, AVTK, Sweep, NAV, ChAV, 
                    F-Prot, IBMAV, NAVDX, VAlert, PCScan, 
                    NShld, LProt, Sweep/N, Innoc, NProt, AVTK/N, 
                    NAV/N, IBMAV/N 
 Removal Instructions:  Delete infected files 
 General Comments: 
       The StinkFoot virus was discovered in the Republic of South Africa in 
       in November, 1991.  It is a non-resident, direct action infector of 
       .COM files, and does not infect COMMAND.COM. 
       When a program infected with StinkFoot is executed, the virus will 
       search the current drive and directory for an uninfected .COM file 
       to infect whose uninfected length is at least 1,000 bytes.  If such 
       a file is found, the virus will infect it.  Programs infected with 
       StinkFoot will have a file length increase of 1,254 bytes.  259 bytes 
       of the virus will be located at the beginning of the infected file, 
       with the remaining 995 bytes of viral code being at the end of the 
       file.  There will be no visible change in the file's date and time 
       in a DOS directory listing. 
       StinkFoot does not do anything besides replicate.  It will not 
       function properly on XT (8088-based) machines. 
       Known variant(s) of StinkFoot are: 
       StinkFoot-1273: Sometimes referred to as Stink 2, StinkFoot-1273 
                       is another version of this virus.  It adds 1,273 
                       bytes to the .COM programs it infects, splitting 
                       the viral code between the beginning and the end of 
                       the file. 
                       Origin: Republic of South Africa  June, 1992. 
       StinkFoot-2B: A minor variant of the StinkFoot virus described 
                     above, this variant adds 1,254 bytes to the files it 
                     infects with the first infection.  It will reinfect 
                     previously infected programs, adding an additional 
                     1,273 bytes to the file. 
                     Origin:  Unknown  March, 1993. 

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