Pitch Virus

 Virus Name:  Pitch 
 V Status:    Rare 
 Discovery:   June, 1992 
 Symptoms:    .COM file growth; TSR; high pitched noise emitted from system 
 Origin:      France 
 Eff Length:  593 Bytes 
 Type Code:   PRsCK - Parasitic Resident .COM Infector 
 Detection Method:  ViruScan, Sweep, AVTK, F-Prot, IBMAV, NAVDX, 
                    NAV, VAlert, PCScan, ChAV, 
                    NShld, Sweep/N, Innoc, AVTK/N, NAV/N, NProt, IBMAV/N, 
 Removal Instructions:  Delete infected files 
 General Comments: 
       The Pitch virus was discovered in France in June, 1992.  Pitch is 
       a memory resident infector of .COM programs, including COMMAND.COM. 
       It can be a very noisy virus. 
       When the first Pitch infected program is executed, the Pitch virus 
       will install itself memory resident as a low system memory TSR of 
       1,568 bytes.  It will hook interrupts 1C, 21, 25, 26, 2F, and 47. 
       In addition to the TSR, it will also allocate an additional 64K of 
       memory, so available free memory will actually decrease by 65,680 
       bytes.  Also at this time, the virus will infect the first .COM 
       program on both the current and C: drives. 
       Once the Pitch virus is memory resident, it will infect .COM programs 
       when they are executed, along with one additional .COM program. 
       Infections occur on the current drive and drive C:.  Infected 
       programs will have a file length increase of 593 bytes with the 
       virus being located at the beginning of the infected file.  The 
       following text strings can be found within all infected files: 
               "*.com .. *.*" 
               "DOS     COM" 
       After the Pitch virus has been memory resident for 15 to 30 minutes, 
       it will emit a high pitched noise from the system speaker. 
       Known variant(s) of Pitch are: 
       Pitch-B: Functionally equivalent to the original virus, this 
                variant has five bytes which differ. 
                Origin:  France  June, 1992. 

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