Pentagon Virus

 Virus Name:  Pentagon 
 V Status:    Extinct 
 Discovered:  January, 1988 
 Symptoms:    TSR; BSC 360k floppies; file (see text) 
 Origin:      United States 
 Eff Length:  N/A 
 Type Code:   RF - Resident Floppy Boot Sector Infector 
 Detection Method:  [Not in Certification Set] 
 Removal Instructions:  MDisk, or DOS SYS command 
 General Comments: 
       The Pentagon virus consists of a normal MS-DOS 3.20 boot sector 
       where the name 'IBM' has been replaced by 'HAL', along with two 
       files.  The first file has a name of the hex character 0F9H, and 
       contains the portion of the virus code which would not fit into the 
       boot sector, as well as the original boot sector of the infected 
       disk.  The second file is named PENTAGON.TXT and does not appear to 
       be used or contain any data.  The 0F9H file is accessed by its 
       absolute storage address.  Portions of this virus are encrypted. 
       The Pentagon virus only infects 360K floppies, and will look for 
       and remove the Brain virus from any disk that it infects. It is 
       memory resident, occupying 5K of RAM, and can survive a warm reboot 

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