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  Virus Descriptions

  Padania                       -       Author: Qark
                                        Origin: Australia
                                        Group:  VLAD
                                        Type:   Polymorphic, Full Stealth
                                                resident/direct action
                                                COM/EXE retro virus.

  Goodbye                       -       Author: Qark
                                        Origin: Australia
                                        Group:  VLAD
                                        Type:   TSR COM/EXE infector that
                                                uses CRC32.

  Linux Virus                   -       Author: Quantum
                                        Origin: Australia
                                        Group:  VLAD
                                        Type:   Resident low-level linux
                                                executable infector.  Hacks
                                                root automatically.  First
                                                virus of it's kind in the 

  Boza makes Bontchev Barf      -       Author: Metabolis
                                        Origin: Australia
                                        Type:   Direct action COM prepender.

  Pow                           -       Author: Dr Pow
                                        Origin: Latvia
                                        Type:   Boot Sector virus.

  WULF2                         -       Author: WereWolf
                                        Origin: France
                                        Type:   Encrypted, semi-stealth
                                                COM/EXE infector.

  Turbo Virus 6000              -       Author: TPower
                                        Origin: France
                                        Type:   TSR semi-stealth COM/EXE

  HOODOO                        -       Author: Infiltrator
                                        Origin: Russia
                                        Type:   Tunneling encrypted EXE 

  Pandemonium                   -       Author: Retch
                                        Origin: Australia
                                        Type:   Stealth, TSR COM/EXE infector.
  Black Lotus                   -       Author: Killer Bee
                                        Origin: United States of America
                                        Type:   TSR semi-stealth COM and
                                                EXE infector.

  Zip Virus                     -       Author: Chrops
                                        Origin: Germany
                                        Type:   Resident semi-stealth
                                                COM infector.  Infects
                                                correctly when pkzip is run.
  KILLER                        -       Author: Eternal Maverick
                                        Origin: Ukraine
                                        Group:  STEALTH
                                        Type:   Polymorphic, semi-stealth

  Muraroa End                   -       Author: Blesk
                                        Origin: Slovakia
                                        Group:  SVL
                                        Type:   Semi-Stealth, polymorphic,
                                                COM/EXE infector.

  Mages Fury                    -       Author: The Goblin King
                                        Origin: The United States of America
                                        Type:   Resident COM/EXE infector.

  Vecna                         -       Author: Vecna
                                        Origin: Brazil
                                        Type:   Resident full-stealth
                                                MBR/BS/EXE infector.



ARTICLE.1_2       Aims and Policies
ARTICLE.1_3       Greets
ARTICLE.1_4       Members/Joining
ARTICLE.1_5       Dist/Contact Info
ARTICLE.1_6       Hidden Area Info
ARTICLE.1_7       Coding the Mag


No Flags
ARTICLE.2_2       Goodbye Virus
ARTICLE.2_3       Boot Sector Tutorial
ARTICLE.2_4       STAOG Linux Virus
ARTICLE.2_5       Pow Boot Virus
ARTICLE.2_6       Wulf2
ARTICLE.2_7       Tbscan Internals


VLAD Viruses
ARTICLE.3_2       TVIR600
ARTICLE.3_3       Vecna Boot Virus
ARTICLE.3_4       Padania Virus
ARTICLE.3_5       HooDoo Virus
ARTICLE.3_6       Pandemonium Virus
ARTICLE.3_7       Black Lotus


Zip Virus
ARTICLE.4_2       Archive Infect
ARTICLE.4_3       Virstop Article
ARTICLE.4_4       Boza Makes Bontchev Barf Virus
ARTICLE.4_5       Killer Virus
ARTICLE.4_6       Muraroa End
ARTICLE.4_7       Mages Fury

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