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VLAD #7 - Dist/Contact Info

    Dist/Contact Info

    The official VLAD email is:


    I'll pass any email that arrives there along to Darkman or answer it
    myself if I can.  If your email can't get through, or there seems to
    be a problem you can email.


    If you have anything you want to say to us, drop us a line!

    You can find your local vlad member on the IRC channel #virus.

    You might catch someone's attention on the usenet newsgroup
    alt.comp.virus (long shot.)

    Through the internet you can get our magazines from,
    ftp            : /pub/virus/vlad
    world wide web :

    We would like to have as many distribution BBSs' for our magazines as
    possible, so if you are a sysop, send us an email.  This applies
    more so if you are in a country we haven't got listed here.

    Anyways, here's the list of BBSs you can get all of our releases

    Board                    Number          Sysop            Country

    phreak asylum            1-905-823-5532  NethaKd          America
    Immortal Reality         1-414-269-7310  Pyro Maniac      America
    DiGiTAL PLANET           1-360-736-0448  Aphelion         America
    The Frynge               1-604-763-6314  Frost Angel      Canada
    FATAL BREAKPOINT BBS     +7-812-164-8891 Samir Manar      Russia
    Toxic Delusions          +27-24-852-5008 Toxic Entity     South Africa
    Arrested Development     +31-773-547477  Omega            Holland
    Tombstone                +358-0-3401608  Caramon          Finland
    Darkside Connection      +45-45974344    Darkman          Denmark
    Silent Project           +49-214-42827   2Mad             Germany
    Tron BBS                 +49-3995422037  Tron             Germany    *
    * login VLAD pwd PARIS
    IX BBS                   +49-6074-68390  Mind Maniac      Germany
    L.o.r.E. BBS             +49-69-823282   van Hauser       Germany  
    BlueDemon BBS            +52-461-555-19  BlueDemon        Mexico  
    FaLCoN BBS               +55-11-875-9838 FaLCoN           Brazil
    Urban Void               +55-11-944-1616 Endless Delusion Brazil
    PhOD BBS                 +55-21-267-5259 Echo Off  Xalas  Brazil
    UiS                      +60-35210772    Pop              Malaysia
    Destiny Stone ][ Node 1  +61-92462553    RipMax           Australia  *2
    Destiny Stone ][ Node 2  +61-92463491    RipMax           Australia  *2
    *2 login VLAD pwd SITE
    Black Adder              +972-651-4404   Gnome            Israel




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