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VLAD #7 - Aims and Policies

    Aims and Policies

    The aim of vlad is to produce unique, interesting, technologically
    advanced viruses for the masses.

    About the only qualifier we have is that the virus can't be

    Non-destructive virii have been part of vlads' policy since day one
    and stands us in good stead for a number of reasons.  Moral issues
    aside, it keeps the feds off our backs!  The Black Baron certainly
    wouldn't have got such a harsh sentence if his virus hadn't caused
    any damage.

    Another policy is, we don't spread our stuff.  If we don't spread,
    no one has any reason to hate us.  I've never received any hate-mail
    from people infected from something I've written (although I've heard
    of a couple of infections around the place) because our viruses aren't
    in the wild.  Also, if our viruses aren't doing the rounds, the feds
    have no reason to harass us.

    If we don't hurt the community, the community won't hurt us.



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ARTICLE.1_4       Members/Joining
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Zip Virus
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ARTICLE.4_7       Mages Fury

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