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Re: More about scopes

> > As you say, "ro" is the default
> > quantifier for "ko'a".
> And also of mi, do, mi'o, etc... I think I would have preferred
> piro for all of these. A single mass referent is so much simpler than
> several single referents.
> The paper says:
> >>The personal pro-sumti may be interpreted in context as either representing
> >>individuals or masses, so the implicit quantifier may be "pisu'o" rather
> >>than "ro": in particular, "mi'o", "mi'a", "ma'a", and "do'o" specifically
> >>represent mass combinations of the individuals (you and I, I and others,
> >>you and I and others, you and others) that make them up.
> Then I don't see the point of {ro} being the default. {piro} seems much
> better.

I agree. {piro} makes more sense.