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TECH: Summary of proposals wanting of definition.

A couple of months ago Lojbab asked me to make a summary of all the
proposals that have been discussed lately that need a final decision.  I
don't claim that this list is complete, if your favourite proposal is
missing please let me know.

I have divided the issues into three groups:

A. Cmavo/rafsi additions.

    A-1.  Add re'u as the ordinal ROI.
    A-2.  Add xo'u as the leap-to-outside-prenex marker, I suppose
          in selma'o UI. (Made by pc & And.)
    A-3.  Add te'i for tense offset magnitude, I'm not sure in what
          selma'o. (Made by Goran.)
    A-4.  Add xa'e as lambda marker in slema'o PA. (Made by John.)
    A-5.  Add jaz as a rafsi for jai

B. Grammar extensions.

    B-1.  Allow {<tag>bo} as afterthought sumti connector.
          (The forethought form already exists.)
    B-2.  Allow {gi<tag>} as afterthough bridi-tail connector.
          (The forethought form already exists.)
    B-3.  Allow JA wherever JOI is allowed.
    B-4.  Add xu'o of selma'o XUhO to allow multiple embedded
          fronted relative clauses. (Made by Veijo.)

C. Changes in interpretation.

    C-1. Change interpretation of ZI and VA as sumti tcita so that the
         tagged sumti is the magnitude instead of the starting point.
    C-2. Use ke'a as the lambda variable in addition to its usual role
         in relative clauses.
    C-3. Interpret {30ji'i40} as "around 30 or 40".

Almost none of these proposals affect any existing text, since they
mostly involve extensions.  The only exception might be C-1, but even
then the only affected cmavo is {vi}, which already behaves anomalously

Some of them are different proposals to solve the same problem, so it
wouldn't make sense to accept them both.  These are A-3/C-1 and A-4/C-2.

In other posts I provide arguments for some (not all) of these