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I rephrase my previous posting.

(i) I don't know who you'll marry, but I do know they'll be
German. This calls for:

   do ba speni lo dotco

(ii) I think all Germans are zabna. So if I choose to call
Germans zabna, should I say

   do ba speni lo zabna
   do ba speni le zabna

Neither is satisfactory. The problem with the first is that it
would be true if you married someone zabna but not German.
The second suggests that I have in mind who it is you will
marry, which is not the case.

The solution, I think, is:

    do ba speni lo me luha le((h)i) zabna

"le((h)i) zabna" refers to a specific group of zabna, i.e. those
zabna who are Germans - all Germans. "Luha" then takes the
individuals of this specific group, "me" turns it from a
sumti into a brivla, and then "lo" selects a non-specific
individual from the specific group of zabna.