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Re: Attitudinal paper, part 3 of 3

John Cowan writes:
> ...Psychologists have devised elaborate tests for measuring
> attitudes and personality; this may be the easiest area in which to
> detect any systematic cultural effect of the type sought to confirm
> Sapir-Whorf, simply because we already have tools in existence to test it.
> Because Lojban is unique among languages in having such extensive and
> expressive indicators, it is likely that a Sapir-Whorf effect will occur
> and will be recognized.

It's ironic that, intending to test the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, JCB
made Lojban most different from natural languages in its "logical"
aspect, but after evolution and extension of JCB's scheme, the
emotional aspect of the language may be most suited to the Sapir-Whorf

                -- jimc