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Re: Event contours and ZAhO tcita

.ue .ui .u'a mi tugni la'o gy jimc gy di'e

         (bridi) ZAhO (sumti)    means
        (bridi) is in the (ZAhO) phase of process (sumti)


        ZAhO (bridi)            (used as a tense) means
        (bridi) is in the (ZAhO) phase of (itself as an extended process)

where the word "means" includes caveats above about the focus of
assertion.  In the second version the main bridi (considered extendedly)
is the process which has phases, whereas in the first version some
other sumti is the process that has phases.

Excellent way of putting it.

 smuci           x1 is a spoon for use x2 made of x3#  (with intended
                        content x2, as with soup -- or should x2 be
                        "event of (who?) eating soup"?)

I think x2 should be contents rather than an activity, as with other


ue      surprise
ui      happiness
u'a     gain
tugni           x1 (person) agrees with person(s)/position/side x2
                that x3 (du'u) is true about matter x4