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Re: TECH: a few proposals anent attitudinals

To John Cowan respond I thus:

#The memory hook for "ba'a" is "balvi", which is why the future position is
#taken to be the "positive" one.  Should "ba'a" be reversed to get the past
#on the left, as it were?  Should a new cmavo be assigned in that case?

Hardly worthwhile. I say no. The fact that some cultures do not associate
the past with the left is not of prime importance; more like "it doesn't
seem particularly broke, don't fix it."

#As can be seen, these scales are oppositely aligned: "va'i" corresponds
#to "ke'unai", and "ke'u" to "va'inai".  Should one be changed to match the
#other?  If so, "va'i" is the natural one to change, because its memory hook
#is just "valsi" whereas "ke'u" is tied to "krefu".  OTOH, "va'i" has seen
#some use, both on the net and in print -- it's used in one of Nora's cartoons.

I have less strong an opposition to this one; don't care either way. va'i
hasn't been used that much. Can't see the harm in changing it, I suppose.

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