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TECH: sisku, djica

I think I have now gotten lojbab to agree that "sisku" needs a property in
x2, because you can look for something which (veridically) is a purple
rhinoceros, even though in fact there are no purple rhinocerotes (four
syllables, please).  If you are looking for George, you are looking for
"lo ka [da] du la djordj." or more briefly "tu'a la djordj."

Similarly, "djica" needs an event in x2, because "I want a soldier" is
ambiguous about what you really want, vs. "I want that a soldier protects me"
or "I want that a soldier makes love to me" or whatever.

In general, all gismu places with "(object/event)" in them will be re-examined,
and as many as possible will be flushed.  Note that this makes "jai" very
useful:  "le jai se sisku" is now the object of search, and "le jai se
djica" the object of desire.

John Cowan      cowan@snark.thyrsus.com         ...!uunet!lock60!snark!cowan
                        e'osai ko sarji la lojban.