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GEN: How Nick is faring

Hullo. These are my news in brief.

1. Messy break-up with ex-lover. Less said the better.

2. Overdosing on Nethack. Evil, evil game.

3. Passed my driver's test today for my driver's licence.

4. Got a job as a research assistant in Linguistics; my job for now will
be a phonological database. If anyone has any anecdotal info on Mac
databases, help would be appreciated. The job will probably mean I'll
continue not spending as much time on Lojban as I'd like.

5. It's my birthday Sunday.

6. Have started revising lujvo paper, but got stalled due to recent busy-ness.
If you want anything more said in the paper, just holler.

7. Started on a cafe piece a while back, alluding to said messy break-up;
I may or may not get back to it.

8. Think it would be nice for us to cook up a humorous phrase-book, a la
Conversation Klingon. You can slip in lots of nice paradigmatic stuff:
{.i mi pu na krici lenu mi pu se catra lo remnrgoblino .i mi pu na krici
lenu mi ca se catra lo remnrgoblino .i mi pu na krici lenu mi ba se catra
lo remnrgoblino} (I did not believe I had been killed/ was being killed/
would be killed by a goblin.)

9. Got into an Esperanto diplomacy game, where I seem to be pitted against
the cream of net.Esperanto society... and Jorge :)

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