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GENERAL/ADMIN Important: Lojbab's address to change soon

I have just been told that Grebyn Corp. is going to cease timesharing
services within a month.  This means that my net address, which is the
LLG net address, will be moving.  I have been told that mail will be
forwarded for at least a year, which is a good thing given the informal
methods by which our documentation has been spreading, and the certainty
that we won't be able to find even a small subset of copies of our stuff
spread around the net and get the adddress changed.

Given the arrangements that have been made, the new account will probably
be with Digital Express, and trhe address will therefore be
lojbab@digex.com, and probably effective around 15 September, though as
I said, the grebyn address should still get to me.

But, especially if you have any copies of our stuff posted somewhere, i would
appreciate it if some kind of note warning people of an impending address
change was added to any readme file, and if possible globally change the
address in all files when I have a confirmed new address.

There will undobtedly be a bit of confusion in the next month or two, and
there may be some effects on Lojban List, since we are already having some
problems in adminstering the list even without this new problem, due to the
finicky features of listserv mailing lists.  So please bear with me/us.

I will post again when I know more.