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Re: ZI

mi spuda la'o ze'e. And .ze'e
> (2) In the recent ZAhO debate, to which I wasn't paying much
> attention, I think I recall John Cowan saying there is a new
> member of selmaho ZI meaning "infinite time interval". Do I
> remember right? My cmavo list (new one, off PLS) has _cihiroi_
> for eternally, but nothing meaning "eternally" in selmaho ZI.
> ------
> And

I think ze'e is what you want. An infinite ZI would not be that useful,
since the ZIs tell you how far you should go in the PU direction.
I guess "zu" serves well for both the Big Bang and the restaurant at the
end of the universe. If you really want to mention something that happened
in the infinite past or in the infinite future, you'll have to be more

(WARNING: Non-expert's opinion)