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Re: Monthly posting for August, 1993

> [C]ould whoever it is adjust
> the way it works so that the Reply-To field of the messages it sends is set
> to be the list address itself rather than the sender of the original message
> please?

We tried that when Lojban List was first listserv-ified, and found that it
led to greater confusion.  It is better, I think, that a public posting
be sent privately than that a private posting be made public, and it's
easier to change the "To:" line to a fixed address than to have to guess
the correct address of the poster if you want to reply privately.

But I'm open to further input on the point.  If enough people would prefer
the "Reply-To: lojban@cuvmb..." style, it can be changed.  Comments?

John Cowan      cowan@snark.thyrsus.com         ...!uunet!lock60!snark!cowan
                        e'osai ko sarji la lojban.