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TECH: bramau booboo

Ah, gentlemen and others :) , a sudden realisation.

Take bramau, which means bigger. barda (big) has three arguments: x1 is big
in quality x2 by standard x3. Thus an elephant is {barda fi loi remna}, but
{to'e barda fi loi plini}.

zmadu (more) has places x1 is more than x2 in quality x3 by quantity x4.

The place structure I've been using for bramau is: z1 z2 b2 b3 z4: X is bigger
than Y in Z, standard W, by amount V.

But the standard of bigness is irrelevant, isn't it. An elephant is big compared
to humans, and small compared to planets, but this has nothing to to with
the fact that it is bigger than a rhino, which it is whether you think of
planets or mice as a norm.

Having realised this, your subject rushes off to revise his list...

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