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No Subject

The following is the lujvo glosser output for a complete word extract of
the latest lujvo file.

Set 1 are those words that in found an error in, including two words
that are not obvious English words (canto is Italian, isn't it) that it
thought were gismu.  These definitely need fixing.

Set 2 are the words it thought were le'avla, most of which are English,
but you can check for any others.

Set 3 are all the lujvo it found not in error, in alphabetical order
which therefore should match against the sorted lujvo list line by line,
if you merge the parentheses words at the beginning with the rest.

compressed with tab at 32; file sent in 5 parts to keep each below 16K

bavyna'arefmasti        *future+year+recur+month
bavyna'arefydje *future+year+recur+full-day
bukpymarbu      cloth+*UNKNOWN*
cagselxa'u      *farm+2nd-place-of+dwell
de'isrumikce    *tooth+surround+doctor
fuzji'i *responsible+opine
jomycmi *union-with+member
kicmatci        *cushion+mat
kubkurfa        *cube+square
na'arefydje     *year+recur+full-day
pamzautra       *love+approve+behave
samzvati        *computer+at
spatygumna      plant+*UNKNOWN*
vaxke'a *breathe+cavity
vizbevri        *here-(at)+carry
xuspapri        *assert+page
canto   *Not-Found*
corda   *Not-Found*

abrasive        abrasive
accurate        accurate
active  active
advantage       advantage
adventure       adventure
advertise       advertise
africa  africa
agentive        agentive
agree   agree
alcove  alcove
algae   algae
alternative     alternative
amble   amble
ammonia ammonia
anecdote        anecdote
antenna antenna
aperture        aperture
appearance      appearance
appetite        appetite
apple   apple
appropriate     appropriate
approve approve
arbitrate       arbitrate
argue   argue
arrange arrange
arrive  arrive
article article
attentive       attentive
avenge  avenge
balance balance
beetle  beetle
blouse  blouse
bondage bondage
bonfire bonfire
breeze  breeze
bridge  bridge
briefcase       briefcase
bustle  bustle
candle  candle
capture capture
cartilage       cartilage
cattle  cattle
cellotape       cellotape
centimetre      centimetre
cigarette       cigarette
coincidence     coincidence
college college
compete compete
continue        continue
costume costume
create  create
culture culture
damrntamburo    damrntamburo
declare declare
decrease        decrease
desperate       desperate
determine       determine
differentiate   differentiate
diploma diploma
disapprove      disapprove
discipline      discipline
discourse       discourse
distribute      distribute
diverse diverse
divisible       divisible
dynamite        dynamite
edible  edible
ellipse ellipse
embrace embrace
emigrate        emigrate
employee        employee
ensemble        ensemble
envelope        envelope
estimate        estimate
evidence        evidence
exercise        exercise
experience      experience
expertise       expertise
expose  expose
fearsome        fearsome
fellatio        fellatio
fertile fertile
fertilise       fertilise
fianc'e fianc'e
flintstone      flintstone
fortunate       fortunate
france  france
fundamento      fundamento
greece  greece
grimace grimace
gristle gristle
immerse immerse
implode implode
impossible      impossible
improve improve
inaccurate      inaccurate
increase        increase
india   india
indicate        indicate
influence       influence
inside  inside
insurance       insurance
intelligence    intelligence
intense intense
introduce       introduce
inverse inverse
invite  invite
involve involve
language        language
lingerie        lingerie
little  little
marmelade       marmelade
marriage        marriage
megastate       megastate
message message
metalanguage    metalanguage
microscope      microscope
middle  middle
motorbike       motorbike
necktie necktie
needle  needle
noodle  noodle
oblate  oblate
obligate        obligate
obscure obscure
observative     observative
octave  octave
office  office
oppose  oppose
opposite        opposite
outside outside
pancake pancake
patience        patience
peninsula       peninsula
personae        personae
persuade        persuade
piccolo piccolo
picture picture
pitiable        pitiable
pizzicato       pizzicato
plazza  plazza
pragma  pragma
praise  praise
precise precise
predicate       predicate
preferable      preferable
prepare prepare
presuppose      presuppose
primitive       primitive
prince  prince
private private
privilege       privilege
produce produce
propose propose
prototype       prototype
provocative     provocative
publicise       publicise
purpose purpose
rattle  rattle
receptacle      receptacle
recognise       recognise
recurrence      recurrence
reference       reference
reincarnate     reincarnate
rememberance    rememberance
reminisce       reminisce
replace replace
revenge revenge
revolve revolve
sacrifice       sacrifice
science science
scince  scince
scripture       scripture
sculpture       sculpture
sellotape       sellotape
service service
sleeve  sleeve
sopranino       sopranino
soprano soprano
sostenuto       sostenuto
source  source
speculative     speculative
spouse  spouse
stalactite      stalactite
stalagmite      stalagmite
stature stature
steppe  steppe
stimulate       stimulate
stride  stride
strike  strike
stroke  stroke
structure       structure
submarine       submarine
submissive      submissive
substance       substance
subtone subtone
successive      successive
superordinate   superordinate
supplicate      supplicate
surface surface
syllable        syllable
synagogue       synagogue
tailpiece       tailpiece
telescope       telescope
termite termite
tortoise        tortoise
torture torture
translate       translate
transverse      transverse
transvestite    transvestite
triangle        triangle
turtle  turtle
unable  unable
uncle   uncle
undescribable   undescribable
unfortunate     unfortunate
universe        universe
unsafe  unsafe
untranslatable  untranslatable
utterance       utterance
valuable        valuable
variable        variable
vegetable       vegetable
vibrate vibrate
vibrato vibrato
village village
visible visible
vitrine vitrine
volcano volcano
zgikrnrokenrole zgikrnrokenrole

ba'armo'a       mark+pattern
ba'orzu'e       grow+act
ba'ostu grow+site
ba'urdu'u       utter+anguish
ba'urnoi        utter+message
ba'urtadji      utter+method
ba'usku utter+express
bacycta beyond+look
bajryjvi        run+compete
bajrykla        run+come
bajryli'a       run+leave
bajrystu        run+site
bakcange        bovine+farm
bakcatra        bovine+kill
bakplixa        bovine+plow
bakre'u bovine+meat
bakryta'o       chalk+board
bakyjanbe       bovine+bell
bakykakpa       bovine+dig
balcu'e great+school
baldakyxa'i     great+knife+weapon
baljamna        great+war
balkumfa        great+room
balnunjamna     great+event-of+war
balrai  great+superlative
balsonci        great+soldier
baltutra        great+territory
bancybangu      beyond+language
bancycripu      beyond+bridge
bancycu'e       beyond+school
bancykemselrerkru       beyond+type-of+2nd-place-of+throw+curve
bancykla        beyond+come
banjikske       language+socialize+science
banpi'o language+piano
banpliske       language+use+science
banta'a language+talk
bantadni        language+study
banvelsku       language+4th-place-of+express
baple'i force+pay
barca'e out+shove
bardybloti      big+boat
barfle  out+flow
bargycecla      arch+launcher
bargyxai        arch+injure
barjyjatna      bar+captain
barkalri        out+open
barkla  out+come
barli'a out+leave
bartca  out+city
barterzga       out+3rd-place-of+observe
bastycme        replace+name
basygau replace+do
basyvla replace+word
batfendi        bite+divide
batkyci'a       button+write
batkyke'a       button+cavity
baucmu  language+basis
baucre  language+expert
bauske  language+science
bavla'i future+adjacent
bavlamdei       future+adjacent+full-day
bavlamjeftu     future+adjacent+week
bavyspe future+married
bavytemkrefu    future+time+recur
bavytemkrefymasti       future+time+recur+month
bavytemkrefytei future+time+recur+time
be'ucro abdomen+pain
bebgei  foolish+happy
befke'a abdomen+cavity
befsfeke'a      abdomen+surface+cavity
befsri  abdomen+ribbon
befydzu abdomen+walk
beipre  carry+person
bemjoitco       North-American+together-with+South-American
benmro  brain+dead
bermau  north+more
berpau  north+part
berstici        north+west
berstuna        north+east
bevma'e carry+vehicle
bevrycarce      carry+cart
bifcau  breeze+without
biflu'a breeze+route
bifyvilcarvi    breeze+violent+rain
bigygau obliged+do
bijyjbu office+table
bijykumfa       office+room
bijyta'e        office+box
biklydamri      whip+drum
bikykla whip+come
bilmybinxo      ill+become
bilmymlu        ill+seem
bimxra  wall+picture
binkemgaste'i   between+type-of+sense+specific
binrydi'a       insure+price
binryve'u       insure+sell
binynalvokselba'u       between+other-than-+voice+2nd-place-of+utter
bircidni        arm+knee
birdadykla      arm+hang+come
birjai  arm+grasp
birtafpau       arm+garment+part
birtu'u arm+tube
birtu'ucau      arm+tube+without
birvrajvi       arm+lever+compete
bisycmaplini    ice+small+planet
blari'o blue+green
blita'o block+board
blogre  boat+pass-through
blokla  boat+come
bloli'u boat+travel
blomuvga'a      boat+move+rod
blosazri        boat+operate
blufle  blood+flow
bluselpilka     blood+2nd-place-of+crust
bo'orsnipa      sheet+sticky
bogygreku       bone+frame
bogykamju       bone+column
boldi'u ball+building
bolga'axa'i     ball+rod+weapon
bolgirjvi       ball+group+compete
bolgu'o ball+roll
boljme  ball+gem
bolkei  ball+play
bolkeijvi       ball+play+compete
boltikpa        ball+kick
boltipkei       ball+kick+play
boltipyboi      ball+kick+ball
boltipyjvi      ball+kick+compete
brabi'o big+become
brabra  big+big
brabracrida     big+big+fairy
bracutci        big+shoe
bradzu  big+walk
brafe'a big+crack
braje'a big+polity
brajmadegji     big+foot+finger
brajmadegycalku big+foot+finger+shell
brakruca        big+intersect
bramau  big+more
brapatxu        big+pot
braplu  big+island
braro'i big+rock
brasa'o big+slope
brivla  predicate+word
bromalsi        Hebrew+temple
brulu'i brush+wash
bu'urdi'u       cloth+building
bukcilta        cloth+thread
bukfa'u cloth+fall
bukfe'a cloth+crack
bukpydrudi      cloth+roof
buktaiterjo'e   cloth+shape+3rd-place-of+joined
bukterjo'e      cloth+3rd-place-of+joined
bukyjabre       cloth+brake
bukykoi cloth+edge
burnanba        brown+bread
ca'arcau        apparatus+without
ca'erbi'e       shove+breeze
ca'erslanu      shove+cylinder
ca'icru authority+let
cabdei  now+full-day
cabma'i now+month
cabmamta        now+mother
cabmi'u now+same
cabmo'a now+pattern
cabnalzasti     now+other-than-+exist
cabnanca        now+year
cabycedra       now+era
cabysni now+sign
cacyju'o        custom+know
cacyjva custom+rule
cadgau  idle+do
cadykei idle+play
cadysti idle+cease
cagycecmu       farm+community
cagzacta'u      farm+market+garment
cagzarci        farm+market
caicni  intense+emotion
caicpe  intense+request
caicta  intense+look
caidji  intense+desire
caircinla       intense+thin
cairmau intense+more
caivru  intense+noise
cakcinki        shell+insect
cakcurnu        shell+worm
calkybefyjma    shell+abdomen+foot
calkyda'u       shell+animal
calkyrespa      shell+reptile
calze'a space+increase
cambarda        intense+big
camcarvi        intense+rain
camcikna        intense+awake
camcilce        intense+wild
camcintunta     intense+sexual+poke
camcniri'a      intense+emotion+cause
camganra        intense+broad
camgei  intense+happy
campei  intense+think
camselci'i      intense+2nd-place-of+interesting
camselci'igri   intense+2nd-place-of+interesting+group
camtcu  intense+need
camte'a intense+fear
camtoi  intense+try
camvrici        intense+miscellaneous
cangyprenu      farm+person
capli'u peril+travel
carcpu  turn+pull
cargau  turn+do
carnalcyvinji   turn+wing+airplane
catnyvei        authority+record
cavlu'i rain+wash
cavyfle rain+flow
cavykosta       rain+coat
cavysezlu'i     rain+self+wash
cazyfusra       actually-is+rotten
cazytcini       actually-is+situation
cedrymi'u       era+same
celtci  launcher+tool
cemlanzu        community+family
cempre  community+person
cenbycme        vary+name
centre  .01+meter
cermurse        morning+glimmering
cespre  holy+person
cesri'a holy+cause
cesri'isi'a     holy+rite+esteem
cesto'edapma    holy+opposite-of-+curse
cesycku holy+book
cesystu holy+site
cevrirni        god+parent
cevyselcpe      god+2nd-place-of+request
cevyselxabju    god+2nd-place-of+dwell
cevzda  god+nest
cfagau  initiate+do
cfale'u initiate+letteral
cfatse  initiate+sit
cfipyri'abau    confusing+cause+language
ci'ajbu write+table
ci'arfinti      write+invent
ci'arse'u       write+serve
ci'asku write+express
ci'irmu'i       interesting+motive
ci'izma interesting+more
cibdei  3+full-day
cibjantradamri  3+shoulder+behave+drum
cibjgatai       3+angle+shape
cibmemkle       3+-some+class
cibylajyterkruca        3+street+3rd-place-of+intersect
cibyselxislu    3+2nd-place-of+wheel
cibyskosa'e     3+cord+stroke
cibyslakyvla    3+syllable+word
cibyteryrau     3+3rd-place-of+unit
cicfe'u wild+angry
cicfoi  wild+field
cicpre  wild+person
cictcima        wild+weather
cicyractu       wild+rabbit
cicyspa wild+plant
cicyspafoi      wild+plant+field
cidbajrygre     knee+run+pass-through
cidbajrykla     knee+run+come
cidydzu knee+walk
cidydzukla      knee+walk+come
cidykla knee+come
cifnylisri      infant+story
cifydatka       infant+duck
ciknysenva      awake+dream
cikybi'o        awake+become
cikygau awake+do
cimcintyxra     moist+paint+picture
cimde'u moist+dirt
cimdilnu        moist+cloud
cimnalsra       moist+other-than-+support
cimnytei        infinite+time
cimri'a moist+cause
cimxra  moist+picture
cincigla        sexual+gland
cinfypanzi      lion+offspring
cinga'ipre      sexual+modify+person
cinlyrai        thin+superlative
cintunta        sexual+poke
cintyfai        paint+distribute
cinvi'i sexual+excrete
circertu        history+expert
circtuca        history+teach
cirmisno        history+famous
citkanba        young+goat
citmau  young+more
citnanla        young+boy
citnau  young+man
citni'u young+woman
citpendo        young+friend
citrai  young+superlative
civysfani       louse+fly
cizda'u strange+animal
ckabu'u bed+cloth
ckacliva        bed+leave
ckafypanci      coffee+odor
ckafypatxu      coffee+pot
ckafyzarci      coffee+market
ckagai  bed+cover
ckaklama        bed+come
ckazbe  bed+pedestal
ckudi'u book+building
ckuku'a book+room
ckulypikta      school+ticket
ckupau  book+part
ckupaupau       book+part+part
ckupra  book+produce
ckusro  book+store
ckuzda  book+nest
ckuzdacre       book+nest+expert
ckuzdaske       book+nest+science
clacku  long+book
cladakyxa'i     long+knife+weapon
cladjine        long+ring
claga'u long+high
clakurfa        long+square
clamau  long+more
clapi'e long+leap
clapi'ejvi      long+leap+compete
clapre  long+person
clara'i long+continue
clarenvi        long+survive
claselxadni     long+2nd-place-of+body
clatei  long+time
clinoi  learn+message
cliryglico      early+English
cmabanfi        small+amphibian
cmabu'u small+cloth
cmacai  small+intense
cmacatke        small+shove
cmacifnu        small+infant
cmacinfo        small+lion
cmacipni        small+bird
cmacma  small+small
cmacmila        small+laugh
cmacrida        small+fairy
cmactatci       small+look+tool
cmadaplu        small+island
cmafle  small+flow
cmagu'e small+country
cmagu'etru      small+country+govern
cmalalxu        small+lake
cmama'a small+mountain
cmamudyspi      small+wood+piece
cmapinflani     small+level+flute
cmaplini        small+planet
cmari'e small+river
cmaro'i small+rock
cmaste  small+list
cmataisni       small+shape+sign
cmatcadu        small+city
cmatricu        small+tree
cmatru  small+govern
cmaverba        small+child
cmaxli  small+girl
cmazda  small+nest
cmebasti        name+replace
cmeju'o name+know
cmekancu        name+count
cmemo'i name+remember
cmesanji        name+conscious
cmetcita        name+label
cmevla  name+word
cmibi'o member+become
cmoba'u moan+utter
cmodji  moan+desire
cmosku  moan+express
cnadakfu        shovel+knife
cnebykoi        neck+edge
cnelai  vary+quantity
cnicro  emotion+pain
cnicygau        orderly+do
cnidu'e emotion+excess
cnija'o emotion+show
cnijbi  emotion+near
cnikansa        emotion+with
cnima'o emotion+structure-word
cninyja'o       new+show
cniri'a emotion+cause
cnisei  emotion+apart
cnisni  emotion+sign
cnita'u emotion+garment
cordri  pain+sad
cpadji  get+desire
cpesku  request+express
cpizda  bird+nest
cpumu'u pull+move
cradyvelcradi   radio+4th-place-of+radio
crakumfa        front+room
crale'u front+letteral
crapau  front+part
crasfe  front+surface
crastu  front+site
cravro  front+door
crelei  expert+class
crisytcika      summer+time-of-day
crogle  pain+copulate
crori'a pain+cause
cruvei  let+record
ctacarna        look+turn
ctebixtei       night+become+time
ctejau  night+water
ctemanku        night+dark
ctemurse        night+glimmering
ctesai  night+meal
cticinza        eat+tongs
cticna  eat+shovel
cticpe  eat+request
ctidakfu        eat+knife
ctidji  eat+desire
ctigau  eat+do
ctikumfa        eat+room
ctinei  eat+fond
ctipla  eat+plan
ctiru'e eat+process
ctiru'egau      eat+process+do
ctisalci        eat+celebrate
ctitci  eat+tool
ctitcilu'i      eat+tool+wash