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Re: TEXT: Imagist

I wrote:
> Incidentally, can anyone suggest a lujvo for "la cmene" (as opposed
> to "cmene" and to "cmene zei valsi")?
& Colin says:
> There
> is confusion between a name word (cmevla) and a naming structure
> (za'e cmeterge'a).

What I meant is a name for the name that follows "la". A cmevla is
a thing that must end with a consonant & a pause, & I presume
cmetergeha to cover laho names as well.
Would "zo la zei cmene" work?

> In another posting And moans:
> ++++++++>
> If there were a SOhV for "plurality" it would indeed be appropriate.
> >++++++++

Zahu seems the best suggestion so far.

coho, mihe laho moun. And moun.