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Re: jvoste #3 (8/10)

> We will not deny rafsi to the cultural gismu becasue a) the rafsi list is
> baselined and b) the would rather spoil the intent of making the culture
> gismu in the first place.

(a) is a very good reason for accepting the status quo. (b) is exactly
the reason why I proposed the change.

> GISMU TO BE 'FAIR' in the sense that people seem to want fairness who are
> proposing change.

I suggested the change not to be fair but to avoid pissing off potential

> It just isn't important enough to hold up the language for,
> and we don't have any reason to believe that a consensus is even possible give
> the gismu minimalists, the fans of culture words like me, and the nationalists
> who may or may not wish to see their country or culture represented the
> way they want.

I don't think the debate was sufficiently organized to say there was
no consensus. Several proposals were discussed, and not surprisingly
different people preferred different ones. But had the possibilities
been whittled down by eliminating the least-favoured solutions a
consensus might well have emerged. By the your reasoning change
will only occur if everyone spontaneously agrees on a specific

> I think this is an issue that will relatively go away when we have words, of w
 hatever word type, for each of the cultures that we want/need them.  I am
> personally almost antagonistic to those who argue for a nationalistic solution
> Lojban cannot survive nationalism (can much of anything - given what is
> happening in the Balkans?)

We shall see. I doubt that it will go away. And I haven't seen anyone
on this list arguing for a nationalistic solution (which, I take
it, would be "We want a gismu for Ruritania, because we are as
worthy as the Fattypuffs, & they have a gismu").

coho mihe laho glando. And glando.