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Re: [long] Re: On the tense system

la djan cusku di'e

> > Does {mi pu'o klama} mean that I am at one point in time before the
> > beginning of my going, or not? how do I fit the "all time"?
> It means that the reference time is somewhere within that span.  As a
> sumti tcita, it means that the main bridi's time is contained within the
> span of the time before the time of the seltcita sumti.

I would delete "contained", but before arguing this one, I need your
verdict on whether

 ZAhO le nu broda  <===>  ca le nu ZAhO broda

> > {mi ca'o klama} then means:
> >
> > "I started going a while ago, I am still going, and I will cease in another
> > while."
> Yes.

More than what I'd like, but I guess acceptable. (I'll think more about it.)