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Re: ZAhO example (short)

pu'o neither "hopes for" nor "expects" an event.  "pu'o" merely talks
about the event as a whole and says that it hasn't started yet.  A ptoential
event can still be talked about with pu'o, as lomg as what you are talking
about is seeing DIRECTLY as related to the time leading up to the event.

Thus, to get risque, sexual intercourse with intent to build a family is
pu'o the life of the child that might be conceived.  But even if the conception
is accidental, unintended, or unwanted, one could still use pu'o to talk
about that potential event.  Indeed promiscuity might be reduced if people
remebered that, regardless of your stand on abortion or when life begins,
sexual intercourse is pu'o jmive (except in cases whereone of the partners
has been rendered incapable of rorci).

This is NOT intended to be a political statement, but rather to show a
possible implication of looking at an event inchoatively, whether or not
that event will actually happen.