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Re: lojban '

Actually, I don't think JCBs denial of my involvement in GMR stems from the
crrent dispute, since he and I dsagreed over this at the time I wrote the
material which later came to be the attachments to "JL"1, which was back in '85
 or '86.

JCB just remembers the 1979-80 time period different from me.  I am sure I
am correct because the fact that I contributed - that I was ABLE to make a
contribution although being a newcomer, made a big impact on me that led to
my eventual commitment to the langauge.  On the other hand, i suspect that
JCB during that timeframe was looking at many problems, and may have seen
my contribution as ablur in passing.

There is also the slight possibility that, at the time I made the suggestion,
JCB had already thought of the solution I proposed, and rather than my truly
independently thinking of it, he led me to the suggestion a la Socrates.
This doesn't track well with the hoistorical record, since he published
the description of the new approach to GMR in TL 3/4 a couple of months after
the meeting we discussed the topic at, and at the time he did so, he told me
that he had written the essay IN RESPONSE TO what I had suggested after
 considering it.

On the other hand, JCB DOES mention my name and give me partial credit for the
'y' hyphen, which I and one other person successfully defended as a replacement
for using syllabic 'r' as the hyphen.  He does mention my name in an L1 foot-
note to this effect, so i cannnot claim that he intentionally denies me
credit out of spite.

Most of my contribution during the 1979-86 period, of course was merely as an
occasional sounding board for JCB, as the only even semi-active Loglanist
in San Diego with him.  Siince I didn;t really LEARN the language until
late in 1986, my contributions were at a much more philosophical level, as
opposed to the nitty-gritty of the language design.  This started to change
in '86, and he and I codified the lujvo-making algorithm and started to
work on the le'avla making problem in the few short weeks before we started
to split.