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TECH: query on zoi & laho terminators

Will the stuff marked by "zoi gy." and "laho gy." *in writing*
be terminated by:
  (i) "energy" but not "lager" (or "saga", for you rhotics)
  (ii) "lager" but not "energy"
  (iii) either "lager" or "energy"

(i) seems reasonable, but this means that what is
grammatical Lojban when written may not be grammatical when
read aloud.

If (iii) is the rule, does it apply to spoken Lojban as well?
If it does, perhaps someone should think up robust default quotation
demarcators for various languages, such that the demarcators
are unlikely to occur in either the speech or the writing of
that language. (E.g. for quoting English "jvy." might be
fairly robust (whereas for French it wouldn't be: "je veux").)

mihelahojvy. And jvy.