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Re: TEXT: Real Life

Rob answers my comments:
> seminde is illegal -  either two words se minde or a lujvo selminde
> 'le lo'u PATH le'u skami selminde' means 'le skami selminde pe lo'u PATH le'u'
> I'm not clear whether you meant that or not.
I meant 'se minde' to (perhaps selminde) to imply something that takes
commands, ie a command interpreter.
Also I meant command-interpreter-variable to mean environment variable.
I wasn't objecting to 'se minde' for 'command interpreter', just to the
illegal syntax. 'se minde' is good.
What I wasn't clear about was whether you intended
"the command interpreter associated with 'PATH'", as that
didn't seem to make a lot of sense.

> Words: vamji is about being valuable.
I was trying of course to come up with a word for value - something which can
be either a number or a string or some other concept (such as object). The
reason I said varying-value (or tried to say) was to seperate it from a
constant-value. Additionally I didn't use data-container since that seemed
to imply the physical memory, or perhaps a device. I was thinking about
combinations of data-at-label-location which would be reminiscent of what
is actually happening in the computer with label-location & location meaning
other related things.
The problem is not about varying vs constant, for which cenba/stodi is perfectly
good. It is that value in the mathematical or computer sense has nothing
whatever to do with vamji. I accept that data-container is not ideal, but
I couldn't think of anything better.

I lost the line, but I also used ciska incorrectly. I was trying to say
the typed-command. I am missing something though. What am I doing right now?
(ie typing e-mail) I would say 'mi ciska le skama xatra' even though that
cannot be taken literally at all. (I won't mention the missing gismu for
"electronics" :) )..
ciska is to do with inscribing marks on a surface. This has little to do with
the primary meaning in English of writing (a letter, a novel, an advertisement)
for which the general word is finti. Sometimes you can be more explicit,
with phrases like 'te notci', 'te xatra' , 'te cfika' or 'te cukta'.
I suggested 'minde selsku' (commander expressed-thing), though I
am not sure whether 'selminde selsku' might be better.
I believe that what you were doing right then was 'skami te xatra' or
'skami te notci'

* I don't really know the difference between notci and xatra - their sumti
are in a different order but otherwise?

There may need to be a gismu for 'electronics', but I can't see it is the least
bit relevant in this context. The general word for the field you're talking in
is 'skami' - unless you need to distinguish fluidic computers or something,
'electronic' is not relevant.

I would use 'te notci' or 'te xatra'