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TECH : the many lujvo of lojban

Since this is official "tirade week" here is my  next lojban problem.
la lojban. cu nabmi mi le jimpe le finte be tanru
          |__BTW, is this cu elidible?

It seems that all of the text that I see has new tanru sprinkled in and about
all over, and some of the 'metaphors' are stretches of imagination. Other
than people trying to be overly clever with their lojbanic constructs this
is the most difficult thing for mean to deal with in the language.

Is anyone tracking alll of  these, perhaps for a dictionary? Should I start
doing  it? Should there  be a vote on the correct tanru/meaning for a word?
And should this final list then be among the distributed information?

It should be easy for me to run a processor over all of the (electronic
format - ie e-mail) lojban text that
comes in, rip out the tanru, and then tediously assign them meaning based on
the context they were seen in. Of course if people did the "tanru list" thing
with their own english/lojban definitions at the end of their text it would
be mutce zo'e le easy.

Rob Brady                               rpb@panix.com
            Sin mar a bhfuil an sce'al