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Re: acorns to ducks

nik <knoth@hermes.psych.indiana.edu> posted the following to sci.lang:

> Perhaps this would be more appropriately posted to an
> alt.something group, but ...
> One of my students recently suggested that she had heard
> of a word (and forgotten it) which meant "the process by
> which an acorn falls into the water and becomes a duck."
> Since she could not suggest the word, i had no way to
> verify the truth of this...  2 questions:
> 1> Has anyone heard of this particular (alleged :) word?
> 2> Considering that a>science is *always* coining new
> words and b>science is regularly proving itself to have
> been in error, there should be many words which have had
> value and no longer do.  The odds seem good that some of
> these words will be (will have been) rather humourous.
> Can anyone suggest any of these pseudo-scientific
> un-words??

I suggest that an appropriate Lojban word would be:


For conlang subscribers, that breaks down as:


glossed as

	oak seed duck (hyphen) become process

which the rules of Lojban grouping parenthesize as:

	((oak seed) (duck become)) process

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