Name: Jess
Age: 26
Location: Georgia, USA
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Graduate Student, Teacher
Field of Study: Political Science (comparative politics, international relations)
Pets: Kip (cocker spaniel), Bowie and Macy (cats), Ringo (absentee cat)

Timeline (dates accurate to +/- 2 years):
  • 1977: Born
  • 1979: Knocked out front teeth in bed-bouncing accident
  • 1980: Attended showing of Empire Strikes Back, got trapped in a restroom stall during a mid-movie break
  • 1982: Attended 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville; entered kindergarten; framed in playground biting incident
  • 1984: Learned cursive handwriting; failed to learn Roman numerals; voted Reagan in class mock election
  • 1985: Convinced myself I could both breakdance and beatbox
  • 1986: Started Little League -- go Expos!
  • 1987: Knocked out front teeth in biking accident
  • 1988: Came to the realization that I could neither breakdance nor beatbox; rapping remains a possibility
  • 1989: Knocked out front tooth in baseball accident
  • 1991: Began wrestling and playing high school football; front teeth surprisingly remain intact
  • 1992: Played an inordinate amount of Street Fighter II
  • 1994: Lost race for student government presidency (beaten by girl with free candy and catchy country-western song)
  • 1995: Graduated from high school; began college; discovered Internet; launched the Virtual Broomcloset
  • 1996: Launched Verbosity; played an inordinate amount of Quake; reconsidered future as doctor/computer programmer
  • 1997: Watched Verbosity crash and burn; logged off Internet for first time since 1995; revived political career with student body VP win
  • 1998: Engaged in various student government scandals; met and wooed Kourtney; made stage debut in Oscar Wilde's Salome
  • 1999: Graduated from college; moved into first apartment; began graduate school; ate lots of boxed macaroni and cheese
  • 2000: "Where should we go for lunch?"; played an inordinate amount of Madden 2001
  • 2001: Wrote thesis in two weeks; nearly suffered mental breakdown; earned MA; started Ph.D. program in Georgia
  • 2003: Married Kourtney; launched Apropos of Something; passed comps; passed out
  • 2004: Created this timeline

Some of my interests: history, political science, current events, tech stuff, computer games, science fiction, general pop culture type things

Some of my favorite films: Army of Darkness, Best in Show, Chasing Amy, Citizen Kane, Dr. Strangelove, The Matrix, A Mighty Wind, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Office Space, Pulp Fiction, The Royal Tenenbaums, Shakespeare in Love, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Waiting for Guffman

Some of my favorite television shows: The Daily Show, Enterprise, Futurama, The Real World, The Simpsons, Trading Spaces

Some of my favorite music: Barenaked Ladies, Beastie Boys, Belle and Sebastian, Björk, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Cake, Donovan, Garbage, pre-Kid A Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Tenacious D, Weezer, The White Stripes, Zwan

Some of my favorite books: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Dirk Gently novels by Douglas Adams, The Simpsons and Philosophy, Sir Apropos of Nothing and The Woad to Wuin by Peter David, Straight Man by Richard Russo, several classics that looked a bit pretentious when listed

Some of my favorite computer games: Anachronox, Day of the Tentacle, Knights of the Old Republic, the Madden football series, No One Lives Forever, the Monkey Island series, Quake, the Quest for Glory series, System Shock 2, the Space Quest series, the Thief series, Tropico, Unreal Tournament